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Rainwater Collection (or “Harvesting”)

Rainwater collection systems are an ideal option to reduce your impact on the environment. Call Quality Gutter in San Antonio for details 830-264-1667

What Is it?

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Rainwater Collection or Harvesting is a method of utilizing rainfall for everyday purposes. It has the benefit of using a fresh, pure source of water (often a much higher quality than is available from most water sources), and reduces the demand on a public water system.  Texas laws are in overwhelming support of rainwater collection, protecting the rights of citizens to utilize rainfall and store it for future needs, as well as provide financial assistance and incentives to help make rainwater efficiency a reality.

Rainwater Harvesting systems range from a simple barrel, attached to the gutter system (with a straining component in place to keep debris from contaminating your supply), to large holding tanks either above or below ground.  In more elaborate systems, they can be hooked up and utilized as a part of your home’s potable or non-potable water source.

What Does it Do?

how does the rain water harvesting system work? insall a rain water harvesting system in txA Rain Harvesting system catches ordinary rainfall and channels it into holding tanks, to preserve for future use. Theoretically, about 600 gallons of water are available for harvest per 1000 square feet of roof per inch of rainfall.  For the San Antonio/Hill Country home, with 1500 sq. ft of roof and an average rainfall of 30 inches, about 27,000 gallons of water could be collected.

The collected rainwater can be used for irrigation purposes for your yard and garden. It can also be examined and treated or filtered to be used for your home’s potable and non-potable purposes.

Where Can I Get One?

in san antonio texas harvesting rain water starts with a proper gutter systemRainwater Harvesting begins with an efficient gutter system that can collect clean water, as well as a primary filter, such as  LeafLock™, to keep debris out of your stored water.

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