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Quality Gutter Systems is always looking for the newest and most effective gutter protection technology to offer our customers. The Micro Mesh leaf protection system is proven effective by over ten years of field testing. The Micro Mesh shield is made from surgical-grade stainless steel with holes that are optimally sized so as to let water flow while blocking even the smallest debris from entering the gutter. Keep your gutters clean, clear, and pest-free, prevent clogs and never have to clean inside your gutters again with the Micro-Mesh system.

Micro-Mesh is the ideal leaf protection system with its system strengthening, permanent installation, and a sloped angle for the natural shedding of caught debris. The Micro Mesh system is cost-effective, requires little to no maintenance, and comes with a manufacturer lifetime money-back guarantee so that you can have this superior gutter protection without any need for concern.  

Gutter Guard Micro-Mesh is an innovative solution to keeping your gutters free of leaves. Call Quality Gutter in San Antonio for details at 830-264-1667

Micro Mesh Benefits

  • Low maintenance leaf protection system
  • Installs firmly to the existing gutter and  fascia board to increase the strength of the gutter system
  • Encourages shedding of debris due to sloped installation
  • Cost effective gutter protection system
  • Lifetime Manufacturer no-clog guarantee
  • Never clean the inside of your gutters again!


Quality Gutter Systems is a certified Micro Mesh dealer. Our crews have been fully trained on the proper installation techniques of this low maintenance, cost effective, and lifetime manufacturer no-clog guaranteed product. We offer superior service, so contact Quality Gutter Systems for a free quote on your new Micro Mesh leaf protection system.

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