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OGEE gutters represent the Standard in seamless rain gutters.

If you have heard people in the gutter system industry refer to gutters as ‘K-style’ or ‘OGEE ‘ gutters and wondered what that meant, you are not alone! OGEE is a term that refers to any architectural design that incorporates a double curve with the shape of an elongated ‘S’. Viewed from the side, ‘OGEE ‘ gutters have an elongated ‘S’ incorporated into the front face design. K-style gutters are simply OGEE gutters. In the U.S., the most common gutters are five-inch or six-inch (measured front to back at the widest point) K-style gutters. Over the past twenty plus years, galvanized steel has been replaced by coated aluminum, and ten foot pieces with welded or soldered seams has given way to seamless gutters manufactured right on the construction site. This profile can be done in any of the aluminum color choices, copper, galvalume, or galvanized. For more information on OGEE gutters or to find out if they are right for your gutter replacement project, contact Quality Gutter Systems today.

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OGEE – Aluminum

OGEE – Copper

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