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Leaf Screens

Leaf Guard Gutter System will keep leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters. Call Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne at 830-264-1667 today.

Basic Leaf Screen Protection

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E-Z-Step Down™ leaf screens are small hole steel powder coated screens. The screens are designed with spring action, allowing them to be easily installed into the gutter and will not disturb the shingles. E-Z-Step Down™ installs quickly and easily. It’s small hole design keeps large debris out of the gutter while slowing small fragments to wash through the downspouts. Designed with a “dogleg” back edge so when installed, the screen contacts the shingles and closes the void under the shingles so debris can’t collect there. E-Z-Step Down™ is designed with three 90 degree “steps” at the front for added strength.  It snaps under the gutter hem forcing the water to track into the gutter which helps eliminate water streaks across the gutter.

Medium Leaf Screen Protection

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Xtreme Mesh Leaf screens are constructed of a strong .024 gauge aluminum and stainless steel mesh that will stop even the smallest debris. There are three different ways to insure a perfect fit: Under Shingle, Direct to Fascia and Bracket Mount. Extreme Mesh is designed to protect your home or business gutter system from clogging. With a patented hemming process, Xtreme Mesh creates a smooth, tight surface. This promises that the mesh is always in contact with the aluminum guard structure and is tough enough to withstand years of weather.


  • Patented hemmed mesh technology
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Strong .o24 gauge aluminum
  • Available in 5″ or 6″ widths
  • Installed on a small pitch to encourage natural debris shedding
  • 15 year transferable warranty
  • 3 installation options
  • Available in black and white


Ultimate Leaf Protection

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LeafLock gutter systems are Durable, Guaranteed and Affordable!

With a 1/8″ thick hanger and bracket system, LeafLock supply’s the strongest and best overall gutter system available. With the LeafLock system there are many color and price options to choose from. Guaranteed not to clog for the lifetime of your home!

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