Which Gutter Guard System Is The Best For You?

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Which Gutter Guard System Is The Best For You?

Your gutter system plays a crucial role in helping protect your home from potential water leaks and damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect how important their gutters are and don’t take measures to maintain them. Yet protecting and maintaining your gutters is easy if you simply install a gutter guard system. Here at Quality Gutter Systems, we offer three top-of-the-line gutter guard systems to choose from.

The Benefits of Installing a Gutter Guard System

A gutter system functions by collecting the rainwater running down the roof and dispersing it safely away from your home. When functioning properly, your gutters will prevent rainwater from leaking through your exterior or from settling on the ground next to your home. There, it can cause erosion or damage to your foundation

However, one of the main challenges a gutter system faces is clogs. Debris, such as dirt, branches, leaves, animal nests, and more tend to collect in gutters over time. When this happens, the flow of water is blocked. This can cause the gutter to fill up with water, eventually leading to overflowing and damage. In some cases, the weight of the water can tear the gutters away from the roof.

Because of these issues, homeowners are forced to hire professional gutter cleaning services to clean their gutter systems on a regular basis, as it’s not a safe practice to do it yourself. Many homeowners forget to do this as often as it’s needed. Installing a gutter guard system will stop debris from collecting, thereby not only preventing the issues from clogs but also eliminating the cost of having to hire a professional to clean your gutters.

Our Gutter Guard Systems

We offer three different gutter guard systems, all of which can be attached to your existing gutters. Each type offers a different aesthetic, installation, warranties, and price. Choosing between them depends on what your specific needs are.

1. Micro Mesh Leaf Protection

The Micro Mesh system is made from surgical grade stainless steel. It covers the open end of the gutter system and contains holes big enough to allow water to flow through but small enough to prevent debris from collecting inside. It’s also sloped slightly so debris will simply slide right off. It’s permanently installed to the existing gutter system and the fascia board. Once installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. In fact, it even comes with a lifetime money-back no-clog guarantee from the manufacturer.

2. LeafLock Gutter Protection

The LeafLock system makes use of an extruded hanger and bracket. Unlike Micro Mesh, LeafLock does not contain holes. However, its unique design allows water to flow into your gutters unobstructed while shedding even the smallest debris so it doesn’t clog your gutters. LeafLock systems are made from aluminum and are coated with an anti-corrosion treatment to ensure they last.

One of the big advantages of LeafLock is once it’s installed, it looks like an extension of your roof. As such, adding LeafLock can improve your property’s curb appeal. If this wasn’t enough, you can choose from a wide variety of colors to match your home.

3. Leaf Screens

We carry several types of leaf screens. E-Z-Step Down leaf screens are similar to Micro Mesh where they contain tiny holes allowing water to flow into your gutters while blocking out all debris. E-Z-Step Down is designed with spring action, which means they can be installed with ease without disturbing your shingles.  

We also offer Xtreme Mesh Leaf screens, which are built out of aluminum and stainless steel mesh. There are three types of Xtreme Mesh screens, including under shingle, bracket mount, and direct to fascia versions. This allows you to choose an Xtreme Mesh option best fitting to your existing system. All versions come with a 15-year transferable warranty.

Install a Gutter Guard System Today

Deciding which gutter guard system is right for you depends on what your specific needs are. After all, they do differ from one another in price and in general aesthetic. However, they all are effective at keeping debris out of your gutters, making any of them a good option. If you’ve been relying on a professional cleaning service to keep your gutters clear, it may be time to have gutter guards installed. For more information about our gutter guard systems, be sure to contact us at Quality Gutter Systems today.