What You Need to Know about LeafLock Gutters

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What You Need to Know about LeafLock Gutters

All the interlocked parts on your home are amazing to consider. Some little part you might think of as just some extraneous doodad could actually serve a valuable purpose. Take your home’s gutters, for instance. They do more than just shoo water away from dribbling down on visitors. Properly functioning gutters protect your investment in your San Antonio-area home.

Better Gutters, Better Results

Regular gutters work when they are not filled with leaves and twigs. They carry water to downspouts and away from your foundation. This means you get no water infiltrating behind your fascia into your walls and attic. Your foundation stays dry. Trim and siding do not rot. All works perfectly, so long as your gutters are not clogged.

Clogged gutters can cause expensive damage and unsightly streaks, stains and mold. Water backing up in a clogged gutter can overflow behind the gutter, getting inside your home. Mold and mildew can result. The same overflow carries ugly brown and green streaks down the front of the gutter and possibly onto your siding.

LeafLock gutters prevent all those issues. Because of the built-in, gently curving top, water clings to the gutter hood and falls into the trough. Leaves and twigs do not. They are washed off the gutter hood to fall to the ground. Result: no more clogged gutters. Ever.

The Features of LeafLock Gutter Systems

LeafLock gutters are superior to traditional, open gutters for three reasons:

1. They’re durable
2. They’re guaranteed not to clog
3. They’re affordable

These fine gutters are built with thick, strong materials for greater holding strength. The heavy-duty hanger and bracket keep the extruded gutter firmly in place in every type of weather.
The LeafLock Gutter System™ is guaranteed not to clog for the lifetime of your home! If the gutter ever clogs, we will pay to have your gutters professionally cleaned.

Besides a great price, these superior gutters come in many beautiful colors, so they enhance the beauty of your home and help you preserve home value. If you are seeking a budget-conscious solution, we can offer LeafLock gutter covers over your existing, open gutters.

Quality Gutter Systems

Every part of your home is important. The finest gutters can only do their job correctly if they are installed properly. Depend on Quality Gutter Systems to install your LeafLock gutters and you can rest easy, knowing we did the job right. Contact Quality Gutter Systems today!

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