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gutter guards and gutter repair

The challenge of cleaning gutters has motivated many homeowners to invest in the installation of gutter guards. For many more homeowners faced with the same routine cleaning task, the question remains: what gutter guards are the best investment?

The Many Options

From screens and caps to foam inserts, there are many different types of gutter guards available on the market today.  Some “solutions” are easily tagged as cheap,  temporary solutions.  Others will pleasantly surprise you with their effectiveness.

To make our own lives easier, the team at Quality Gutter Systems researched the best products, tested them, and maintained a track record to help us determine which products can be trusted to solve the problems of Texas homeowners.

The product we like the most is LeafLock – and here’s why.

The LeafLock Option

LeafLock features a unique type of gutter cover with a “nose forward” design. This means that the cover’s rounded edge is slightly forward of the gutter’s forward edge. This innovation lets the equivalent of more than 20 inches of rain per hour flow into the gutters while keeping leaves and debris out.

LeafLock’s uniquer guarantee covers the gutters for the lifetime of the house because they use the strongest bracket and installation configuration possible, and their gutter system is coated with the most durable metal coatings available in the construction industry.

Comparison with other types of gutter guards

Mesh style gutter guards tend to work well in areas that have little need for gutter guards besides a yearly leaf-fall in the autumn season.  Cons: Some debris is able to pass through the mesh, and an accumulation of larger debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) collects atop the mesh, eventually blocking the system and requiring cleaning.

Screen-style gutter guards are similar to mesh guards, but made of lighter material.  Cons: Plastic screens quickly become brittle under the sun’s UV rays.

Foam inserts are usually designed to rest just below the tops of the gutters to let water filter into the gutters and keep the debris trapped on top. Cons: In heavy rains, this type of gutter guard often causes rain to bypass the gutters completely.  The foam also deteriorates quickly when moss and algae begin to grow on it.

A Good Product

We love the tried and true brand – LeafLock has been a great name on the market for many decades.  There are quite a few imitation products, but these lack the crucial “nose forward” design. The cover on these guards comes just short of the forward edge of the gutters, which traps debris and requires them to be cleaned every few years.

To learn more about the exclusive benefits offered by LeafLock gutter protection, contact our team at Quality Gutter Systems.  We service the needs of homeowners throughout the Boerne region of Texas.

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