What To Do Before You Decide To Replace Gutters

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There are a lot of homeowners who have recently started taking stock of their home’s upkeep, including whether it might be time to replace gutters. Much of the surge in home improvement popularity has come at a time when the real estate market seems prime to bring sweet returns for sellers. As such, folks have started taking aim at the little things around their home that have needed fixing for awhile but had not been addressed.

High on the list of often forgotten home accoutrements that actually play a big role in the health of one’s home. When installed properly and maintained well, gutters direct water in an efficient manner away from the home. This simple action is important mainly because the amount of damage water can have on a home is eye-opening.

The potential for damage from unchecked precipitation (e.g., rain, snow) can seem inconsequential for some. Water coming off a roof line may be used as free irrigation for plants, shrubs, or other vegetation close to a home’s exterior used for aesthetics. Depending on the slope of the property, the same water is used as a way to irrigate lawns. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

That is, of course, if all things are operating in theory. Far more often than not, water coming off a roof causes damage to landscaping that can be quite costly to maintain. Splashing can also cause damage to exterior siding and masonry, both of which are expensive to repair let alone replace. Even more dangerous is the pooling of water at a home’s foundation. Not only does erosion become a major structural issue, but flooding into basements can be devastating.

Gutters, as one would imagine, help solve these issues. By being strategically placed around the home (or simply installed around the whole home), the chance for water to cause these problems is greatly reduced. But if your home has less-than-stellar gutters in place, you have to ask yourself one important question — are my gutters actually doing more harm than good?

If you’re thinking about replacing your gutters, it’s important to do a little research & put together a plan of action. Before going ahead with any work, remember to ask (and answer) these questions:

Are you having to replace all or only parts of your gutters?

In some cases, if the damage you’re seeing isn’t too bad & is localized, you can make repairs on certain sections of your gutters. But too many isolated sections of repairs may be indicative of a systemic issue that should be addressed as a whole.

Is the issue I have related to leaking?

With the right tools & materials, basic little leaks can be fixed up with no problem. After all, gutters experience wear & tear, too. A little TLC might be just what they need. 

Do I see any rust or other significant signs of corrosion?

Since your gutters deal with directing water, the possibility of seeing rust & corrosion isn’t surprising. Remember that this type of damage isn’t reversible, so a quick fix may really just be a ill-fated bandage that doesn’t do much.

Is there a major bend or uneven pitch in my gutters?

Gutters only work if the slope they have across a distance allows water to travel where directed. In some cases, slight adjustments to slope can be made. However, if the slope issue is significant or your gutters are hanging off in some places, replacement may be the only option.

The final question to ask yourself before you decide to replace gutters is maybe the most important — how cost-effective is it to just repair my gutters? We all try our best to “fix” things so as to save money & “fixing” our gutters is no different. But when you add up the amount of fixes you’ve made, lost time in doing the repairs, inherent danger posed when on a ladder, and continued damage caused by your faulty gutters, are you really saving any money? It’s not only time to replace your gutters, but time to call in the pros.

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