What Every Homeowner Should Know About The Cost For Gutter Replacement

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It’s likely that you haven’t dedicated much time to the ins & outs of cost for gutter replacement. You may have purchased your home & once inspected, known that your current gutters were in pretty good shape. Your home may not even have gutters, so pondering gutter replacement cost is a moot point. The bigger idea is this: most folks don’t think or worry about the cost for gutter replacement.

Home Improvement Budgeting Isn’t ‘Cool’

This isn’t to say that it is a non-issue. Of course, plenty of homeowners are guilty of simply ignoring the fact that their gutters are in rough shape & need work. What’s more, homeowners would rather put forth a large home improvement expense on something ‘cool’ and ‘enjoyable’. Gutters, as functional as they are, do not fall under the heading of being ‘cool’ or ‘enjoyable’.

Still, replacing gutters will come at some point, so being prepared for the financial ding that will come with it is important. But is there a way to come up with an actual number to go on? Are there any kind of formulas to use to even get an estimate?

In truth, estimates are about as much as one can expect to get on one’s own. Many home improvement experts use the following to get a general idea on gutter placement pricing:

(your home’s square footage/10) X avg. gutter cost per linear foot = general estimate

The equation is a nice, easy, straight-forward way to get a working number for what replacing your gutters will run you. There’s just one problem — how do you get the average cost of gutters per linear foot? While a basic online search with your zip code can net some figures on this, there are a number of factors that make these estimates nothing more than guesses.

Consider the following:


Gutters are made out of a number of materials. Depending on the look of your home, it’s age/era, and what’s available, the type of material your gutters made from will make gutter cost vary big-time.


While some folks out there are all about DIYing everything, replacing the gutters may be the right time to call the pros. However, getting a crew out there that has to navigate ladders, intrusive/inconvenient landscaping, and removal of current gutters starts to add up fast. Remember, though, that you get what you pay for.

Length of Runs

Remember that equation from earlier? The bigger the square foot figure is, the more the overall cost goes up. So, if you’ve got a home with a big layout, it stands to reason that you’ll end up paying more. 

Number of Downspouts

A basic way of determining the number of downspouts you will need involves calculating roof area, capacity of gutters, and even taking into consideration average rainfall amounts. The idea behind these numbers is that each downspout installed should not be made to drain more than it can handle. However, the more downspouts you need, the higher the price of replacement goes.

Repairs to Home

If you’re replacing your gutters, condition may be at the top of the list as to why it’s time for the change. It’s also likely that your rough gutters may have caused some damage to your home’s exterior. On top of the expense for the gutters, you’ll need to address any structural repairs to be made. Depending on how long the damage has been happening, the cost may be pretty high.


Much like the repairs that need to be addressed prior to full gutter replacement, landscaping issues that have arisen due to poor gutter condition need to be fixed. You may also have trees that are making gutter maintenance a real chore, not to mention possibly causing damage to your gutters.


Much like any expense, where you live can be a big determining factor as to how much you’ll pay for gutter replacement. Supply chain interruptions, geographical limitations, and expediting material based on lead time may also make cost go up.

In the end, if you really want to know how best to understand the cost for gutter replacement, contact a local, dependable, and experienced gutter contractor. They’ll give you insight on what you can expect in terms of cost & be a guiding hand throughout the process.

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