What Every Home Owner Should Know About Leaf Protection

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Leaf protection may seem a little extreme seeing as how few, if any, of us have ever been afraid of falling leaves. The thing is that while they may not pose bodily harm to us, leaves can clog up your gutters & wreak havoc on your home.

Why Leaf Protection Matters

For many, the idea of a gutter protection system comes off as a bit of a niche gimmick. These systems tend to be categorized as aesthetic choices, used for the sole purpose of giving a home a sleek look. As it turns out, leaf protection is more than just a way to enhance curb appeal. Initiating a leaf protection protocol is a vital part of responsible home ownership. Poorly maintained gutters can lead to overflowing water that can affect your home’s foundation. This moisture can also adversely affect fascia boards by causing rotten wood & promoting mold growth.

Your Role As An Homeowner

Though most gutter protection systems claim a lifetime of zero cleaning, most home improvement experts note that some periodic maintenance is still required to keep everything running smoothly. Also, leaf protection often only takes into account leaves & rain. It’s important to find out how any system that’s installed fares with adverse weather such as hail, ice, snow, or even grit from roof shingles.

Important Advantages

Finally, home owners can look forward to saving time & money on gutter repairs and replacement by installing a leaf protection system. You’re also saving some cash from not hiring a crew to professionally clean your gutters. Best of all, not having to regularly get up on a ladder to clean the gutters yourself lowers the risk of injury associated with this kind of maintenance.

Calling In The Professionals

The key to getting the right leaf protection system in place starts with working with the right gutter contractor. Your home is the largest investment you’ll likely ever make, so the last thing you want to do is compromise its structural integrity by ignoring a gutter issue. It’s important to work with a company that offers an array of leaf protection styles based on your home’s particular needs. The gutter contractor should also be local, experienced, and have a tremendous reputation with previous customers. More important than anything, you want to work with a company that stands behind their materials & work.

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