What Causes My Gutters to Overflow?

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quality gutter system will not overflow

The gutters on your Texas home may overflow during unusually heavy downpours. If your gutters almost always overflow, however, you need to diagnose and cure deficiencies to end up with a quality gutter system. Begin with some hands-on work. 

Tools of the Trade

If you feel comfortable and safe climbing a ladder to the height of your gutters, you can visually inspect them. Take a tape measure or ruler with you, because you need to know how big your gutters are. If you wish, put on garden gloves to avoid touching the debris that you may find in the gutters.

If you are uncertain of your ladder skills, or prefer not to risk a fall, contact a professional gutter service to inspect your gutters. They can recommend ways to bring your current arrangement up to the level of a quality gutter system.

Eye Spy

Before any climbing, consider how the gutter is failing. If it is overflowing all along the front edge, the gutter is full of water and the downspout is not working properly. If you see stain streaks down the front of your gutters but water still empties from the downspout, you may have undersized gutters.

Have a Look

Begin at the gutter end above your downspout. Take a peek inside the gutter above the downspout, to see if debris is blocking drainage. If it is, the best remedy is a high quality gutter guard such as LeafLock to create a barrier against debris build-up in the gutters.

Clear Sailing

If you inspect your gutters and see little or no debris but still have overflow, your gutters may be too small for your roof’s pitch (angle) and square footage. Use the tape measure or ruler to measure the width of the gutter from fascia to front edge. Less than five inches means undersized gutters, but even five inches may be too narrow. Roofs shed a lot of rain, and undersized gutters cannot handle the flow.

Contact a gutter service to help you calculate the several factors that determine the necessary gutter width for a quality gutter system that will handle even the biggest Texas thunderstorm:

  • roof pitch and roof pitch factor
  • roof square footage
  • maximum rainfall intensity

If you need help solving your gutter overflow problem, and want to ensure a quality gutter system for your Texas home, contact Quality Gutter Systems today.

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