What are the Signs of Top Quality Gutters?

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What are the Signs of Top Quality Gutters?

Gutters are to your Boerne-area home what blackwall tires are to your car—unassuming, almost unnoticed, but vital. Like tires, gutters can be purchased and installed across many price points. What makes top-quality gutters different from poorly made ones?

Hefty Gutters

Think of picking up a cheaply made aluminum cooking pot. It is flimsy; it will likely scorch. It will not hold up to scrubbing. Then think of picking up a piece of professional chef’s cookware. It has heft; body; a sense of craftsmanship.

Quality gutters have heft. With sturdy brackets and hanger systems, with gutter stock that is thicker than the big home improvement box store brands, and with integrated leaf-and-litter dispersal, quality gutters readily demonstrate their superiority.

Gutter Appearance

White is a lovely color, and many ready-made gutters come with a white finish. Does the white paint on the gutter have any protection? What prevents corrosion? Gutters finished with the Kynar® coating from Valspar® are guaranteed not to peel, flake, blister, chip or crack. This exclusive system has not one, but four coats to protect your Boerne-area home’s gutters:

  • Anti-corrosion pre-treatment
  • Primer
  • Color
  • Clear coat



What do gutters do? Cheap gutters make homeowners nervous. They clog, and they allow water to damage fascia strips and foundations. Quality gutters silently and efficiently whisk water away from your home while sending leaves and debris to the ground.

Count on top-level performance when you buy quality gutters. Expect strong warranties and matchless guarantees, such as LeafLock’s guarantee not to clog for the life of your home!


Portable equipment exists to roll out gutters on site, from flat, thin aluminum stock. These are custom-made gutters, built to the exact dimensions of your home. They depend, however, entirely on the companies that produced the milling machine and the gutter stock. If those companies skimp on solid craftsmanship, the finished “custom-made” product will be of poor quality. The installers can do a perfect installation, but they are putting up the end product of a line of mediocrity.

LeafLock™ and SnapLock™quality gutters are backed by companies using advanced technology to produce gutter stock that has fewer holes (no leaks!), stronger attachments (no bends!) and better water management (no clogs!) than traditional gutters.

We know you have options in choosing gutters. We think, though, when you consider the value quality gutters add to your home, you will choose Quality Gutter Systems. Contact us today.

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