What Are The Different Kinds of Gutters for Your Home?

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What Are The Different Kinds of Gutters for Your Home?

House gutters designed to collect rain water and debris are now available in different styles and colors to complement the design of your home and roof. Gutters come in several materials including:

  • Seamless aluminum
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Zinc

The type of gutter you decide to install will depend on your budget, location, and style of your home. The San Antonio and Hill Country of Texas experiences frequent rain. Your gutters should collect water and send it down the drain spout to a pad below where it runs off into the ground.

The gutter system should be free of leaves, twigs, and other debris for efficient water diversion. The gutter system is the last item added to your home when it is built since it fits under the edge of your roof.


Seamless aluminum gutters are custom-made at the job site to fit under the roof with welding. These are one-piece systems that are strong and durable.

Galvanized steel gutters are more expensive and they can rust, even with a coating. They can also be painted.

Copper and zinc gutters are used in older homes and historic restorations. These metals take on a patina over time that complements some traditional architectural styles.

Types of house gutters

K-style house gutters are popular. This gutter design has a flat bottom and back. The front of the gutter can resemble a molding with a curved or “double S” ogee shape. This gives a smooth, finished look to the roof line.

Gutters on older homes are often the rounded style developed to fit under the roof without concern for decor. The gutters are usually attached to fascia areas where the walls meet the roof.

Downspouts or drain spouts come in colors and materials to match the gutters. Many people are choosing to replace traditional downspouts with decorative rain chains.  The rain chains are an additional charge, but there are some many options to choose from to add an elegant look to your home.

Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne offers the SnapLock System that adheres to the edge of the roof without putting holes into your fascia. This permanent gutter system is watertight with no leakage. We install the LeafLock Protection System that eliminates the need to clean gutters. We can help you find the best rain gutters for your home — contact us today!

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