3 Things You Need to Know about Water Damage and your Home

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Water Damage and Your Home

The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone. Your home’s roof is connected, like the song of old, to the rest of your house. Your roof’s connected to the gutters, which connect to the exterior walls, which connect to the foundation. Many homeowners do not realize that, just like your body, if one part of your house fails, other parts fail, too.

Gutters To Walls

Behind your San Antonio home’s gutters is horizontal molding, the fascia. When weakened by rot, the fascia will allow water to creep back into your home, down between the exterior walls and interior walls.
You may have no idea that water is infiltrating. You will likely not hear it, but eventually you will smell it. You will smell mold and mildew, building up within your walls.
The solution to that problem is expensive: tear out the drywall, remove the damp insulation, dry out the space, and install fresh insulation and new drywall.
The prevention to this problem is easier and far less expensive: ensure your home’s gutters function properly, so water cannot get behind the gutter to rot your fascia molding.
Gutters in San Antonio need to hold up under strong downpours, which are fully capable of ripping a gutter off its brackets.

Gutters to Foundations

Gutters are almost always up high, and foundations are always down low. Yet the gutters lead to downspouts, which channel rainwater safely away from your home’s exterior walls and out onto your landscaping.
If, though, your gutters overflow, bypassing the downspouts, the ground directly adjacent to your foundation walls will get saturated, transferring moisture into the foundation itself. The waterproof coating on many foundations will erode over time, leaving your walls vulnerable to creeping moisture.

Gutters to Landscaping

The last type of water damage to consider from bad gutters is the erosion and uncontrolled saturation of your landscaping. Overflowing gutters will allow water to pelt the ground, flower beds, and shrubs near your house. Clogged downspouts will force water to gouge out the ground directly under the downspout outlet. A few hard rains could destroy thousands of dollars of professional landscaping.
To get properly functioning gutters in San Antonio, please contact us at Quality Gutter Systems. We will be happy to explain the damage water can do to your whole house and set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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