4 Best Upgrades for Your Gutter System

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Your gutters are a very important part of your home’s well being: when it rains they stop water from flowing out onto your roof and soaking into the shingles. Adding new items, such as gutter guards, to your gutter system can also be extremely beneficial to the longevity of your roof and gutter system. Gutter guards, add-ons, and upgrades can help your gutters work more efficiently.

1. LeafLock™

The technology of the Leaflock™ system can be condensed into a simple explanation: an ⅛ inch bracket hangs over your existing gutters. It is made with a “nose forward” design that is coated with the industries best finish. The patented nose shape is especially useful in that leaves, and other debris fall to the ground instead of clogging up your gutters thus allowing the water to easily flow through. You will never have to clean out your gutters again!

2. Snaplock®

Old and sagging gutters are a problem for many homeowners. Installing SnapLock® gutter guards over your existing gutters has proven to be very helpful. Unlike other types of gutter systems, these are self-supporting. The installation requires no roof punctures to occur, therefore, no holes that could cause leaks. The no-hole promise means that no water leaks into your home, which also means no rotten wood and sturdy gutters that last a lifetime.

3. Rain Chains

A Japanese tradition that started hundreds of years ago, rain chains are not only attractive and pleasant to hear, but also practical. By leading rain water down to the ground, the rain chains create a beautiful water show as the water falls through brass cups or other materials, instead of the normal downpour out of your gutters.

4. Rain Water Collection

Also known as Harvesting, rainwater collection is exactly what it sounds like. It is an efficient way to utilize the many purposes of rainwater by directing it through to holding tanks. From the holding tank, the rainwater can be used for many things such as watering your plants and garden, irrigation for your yard, and it can also be filtered and treated to be used inside your home.

By upgrading your gutter system, you can rely on having a long-lasting system and your gutters staying efficient for the years to come. Contact Quality Gutter Systems today to ensure a quality gutter system for your Texas home.

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