The First Step To Starting Rain Water Collection

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The First Step To Starting Rain Water Collection

Water is a precious resource that’s in ever-increasing demand in our area of Texas.

If you’re concerned about water conservation, you may be wondering what’s involved in collecting/harvesting rainwater, and whether it’s a viable option for your household.

Rainwater Collection Basics

Harvesting rainwater is an ancient practice, and water cisterns were commonly used by early South Texas homesteaders. In recent years, this time-tested method of collecting and storing water for household use has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Today’s rainwater collection systems range from simple to sophisticated and can be used for watering a garden, or for supplying the water needs of the entire household. A rain barrel placed beneath a downspout might be sufficient to collect water for landscape or garden use, while a more elaborate collection and storage system can be tied into a home’s plumbing to supply water for bathroom and laundry use, and even drinking water. The key components of a household harvesting system include a:

  • Catchment area, which is usually the roof of the home.
  • Conveyance system to transport the collected water to a storage area, which is typically the home’s gutters and downspouts.
  • Storage area where water is kept until needed – this can be a barrel, cistern or 1,000 gallon+ water tank.
  • Distribution method, such as a hand-held watering can, or integrating the catchment/storage system into the home’s plumbing supply lines.

Rain Water Harvesting Starts With a Quality Gutter System

Successful rainwater collection starts with a durably-constructed gutter system that’s properly-sized and skillfully installed. If the gutter system you currently have in place is leaking or outdated, your rain collection system will be missing out on free water. You will also have to monitor the seams and connection points for cracked sealant or leaks form screws. For personalized advice on which gutter system to use, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems.

Reasons to Opt for Rainwater Collection

Here are some of the reasons why increasing numbers of Boerne area homeowners are opting for rainwater harvesting:

  • Concerns about availability. Although our area of Texas is supplied by one of the world’s most prolific groundwater aquifers, the self-sufficiency gained by owning a rain water collection system can relieve any worries about future water restrictions and availability issues.
  • Worries about water quality. Rainwater is well-known as a purer, softer alternative to groundwater because it’s free from agricultural contaminants, common water treatment chemicals, and even naturally-occurring “hard-water” minerals.
  • Cost savings. Harvesting rainwater not only enhances your self-reliance, but it also reduces your annual water bills. SAWS also offers coupons and custom rebates that can save a homeowner money on the installation of a rain catchment system.

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