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Secure Your Gutters With SNapLock Technology When you’re comparing gutter systems, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing a style, material and color, or weighing the pros and cons of different integrated gutter guards. One detail that should top your list of priorities is the attachment used to secure your new gutters, because it directly affects their performance and how long they last.

The attachment method used for most gutter brands today hasn’t changed much in the last century – most still rely on screws, nails or spikes driven through the gutters into the fascia boards. In comparison, the SnapLock system provides real security, thanks to its advanced attachment technology that doesn’t poke holes through your gutters or trim boards.

How SnapLock’s “No Holes” Technology Works

SnapLock’s innovative attachment method completely eliminates the use of spikes, nails or screws. Instead, SnapLock employs a truss that’s installed under the roof’s drip edge, and a bracket that’s crimped to the back of the gutters. The gutters snap and lock securely to the truss and get additional support from hidden hangers. By design, the SnapLock system keeps the gutters firmly in place, but allows 1/4” clearance on the fascia side. The result is a “floating” yet ultra-secure gutter system that’s a wiser investment than other brands because it offers:

  • Superior structural integrity. Because your gutters aren’t punctured, they stay structurally sound and won’t leak. Your fascia stays intact as well, because water can’t seep into multiple nail holes and gradually rot the boards. The built-in spacing allows for movement from expansion and contraction, and it lets air circulate, which also keeps mold and decay at bay.
  • Exceptional load capacity. The sheer weight of water from a Texas-size downpour can damage most gutter systems, but independent testing has proven that a SnapLock system can handle over 11 times the load of standard 5” gutters and still stay securely attached and properly pitched, so they won’t fail prematurely.
  • Long-term savings. Durable SnapLock gutters that don’t sag and pull away will last longer, so they offer a much better ROI. And with intact gutters that keep performing their job of diverting rainwater away from your home year after year. You’ll also avoid expensive repairs in the future, like replacing rotted trim boards, fixing ruined landscaping, and correcting foundation damage.

To learn more about the advantages of installing a SnapLock gutter system on your Boerne-area home, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems.

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