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SnapLock gutter systems help maintain your home

Maintaining a home takes a lot of time and effort, and it can be difficult to fit all that’s required into a busy lifestyle. Have you ever wished there was a way to minimize all the necessary upkeep but still keep your home in excellent condition? One way to lessen the maintenance workload is by limiting rain-related deterioration around your home’s exterior. It’s easy to do too, simply by upgrading to SnapLock gutters to improve how well your gutter system functions.

Ways That SnapLock Gutters Alleviate Maintenance Headaches

Most gutter systems look and work great when they’re newly installed. With time and wear and tear from the elements, though, it’s all too common for gutters to become less effective at doing their job of collecting rain and redirecting away from a home. As this occurs, your maintenance chores and costs are going to increase. The SnapLock attachment system is specifically designed to keep your home’s gutters working properly so you can avoid maintenance woes caused by:

  • Fascia and trim decay. Gutters are often nailed or screwed tightly to the fascia board. Over time, moisture that’s trapped in between can rot the wood, and then you’ll have to replace the fascia and have the new boards painted.
  • Soil erosion and landscape damage. If the gutters aren’t capturing and sending water safely away from your home’s perimeter, it’s going to come off the roof and wreak havoc around your home’s foundation by eroding the soil and destroying any plantings and landscaping.
  • Premature gutter system failure. The SnapLock attachment system doesn’t rely on spikes, nails or screws to secure it, so there are no holes that weaken the gutters and fascia and cause a premature failure. In fact, the attachment actually bolsters the structural integrity of your gutters, so they’re less likely to warp, bend or sag and become ineffective.
  • Costly hardscape deterioration. If your gutter system isn’t functioning properly, there’s a real risk that rainwater runoff can get underneath hardscaped areas like your driveway, walkway and patio and cause them to sink and/or crack.
  • Shingle and roof deck damage. When you have an intact gutter system that doesn’t overflow and send rainwater up under the roof edge, you can avoid any unnecessary repair bills to replace shingles or rotted roof decking.

To learn more about how SnapLock gutters can help you maintain your Boerne-area home, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems.

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