How SnapLock Gutters Help Prevent Water Damage

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How SnapLock Gutters Help Prevent Water Damage

There’s a good chance you take your home’s gutter system for granted; however, the importance of your gutters cannot be overstated.

Their entire purpose is to make sure the rainfall from your roof is dispersed safely away from your home. However, standard gutter systems have their fair share of flaws, which is why you should consider installing snaplock gutters instead.

The Problem With Standard Gutters

The way standard gutter systems are installed is relatively antiquated. Essentially, gutters are attached to your home using screws, nails, or spikes. This can cause all kinds of problems. First of all, wear and tear can cause these screws, nails, or spikes to wear down over the years. This potentially causes the gutters to pull away from the roof. If this happens water can leak through the holes and down to the foundation of your home. This leak can make it inside and could potentially leak through your siding as well.

Besides the fact that holes punctured in your gutters can leak, it can also lead to rust, rot, and even mold, requiring your gutters to be replaced as a result.

Reasons to Install SnapLock Gutters

SnapLock gutters do away with the need to attach your gutters to your roof using nails, screws, or spikes. In fact, there are no holes at all in SnapLock gutters! This means the gutters are watertight, eliminating the possibility of leaks due to wear and tear (or poor installation). Instead, a SnapLock gutter system simply locks onto the edge of your roof and is designed to fit any type of fascia-roofline configuration.

In addition to eliminating worry about your gutter system leaking and the potential of expensive repairs or replacement, your SnapLock gutter system will last a lot longer because it won’t be affected by rust, water damage, mold, or rot. Avoid these hassles by installing a SnapLock gutter system instead. For more information about having SnapLock gutters installed, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne, TX today.

Why SnapLock Gutters Save Your Home Accessorizing a Seamless Gutter