Why SnapLock Gutters Save Your Home’s Fascia Board

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Why SnapLock Gutters Save Your Home

Your gutters play an important part in your roof’s role to protect your Boerne, TX, home against potential water damage. This is because they collect rainwater that rolls down your roof and ensures that it’s dispersed away from your home’s foundation. However, your gutters can sometimes be vulnerable to damage, which is why you should consider a SnapLock Gutter System.

Why are Traditional Gutters Vulnerable to Damage?

The way that most gutter systems are installed is through the use of spikes, screws or nails. This means that most gutter systems have over 70 holes punctured into their gutter walls. This can result in all kinds of common problems. For example, water is more likely to leak through these holes, which can cause damage to your roof fascia board.

Additionally, after years of experiencing wear and tear, your gutters will be more likely to begin sagging, especially if those nails, screws, or spikes pop out or begin to wear down. This can cause your gutters to separate from the roof, which means that the rainwater can begin to flow behind the gutters and down your exterior wall. This, in turn, increases the risk of water damage occurring to your roof, your exterior walls, and even your foundation.

What is a SnapLock Gutter System?

A SnapLock Gutter System will help eliminate many of the issues that a traditionally installed gutter system tends to have. First of all, no nails, screws, or spikes are used to attach the gutter system, which means that there are no holes to speak of. This helps eliminate any possibility of leaks developing in the gutters themselves. It also means that you won’t have to worry about your gutter system sagging after years of wear and tear either.

A SnapLock Gutter System is extremely flexible as far as fit is concerned as well. This means that it can work with any type of gutter size and any kind of fascia-roofline configuration. Because of the way, it’s installed, you also won’t have to worry about the expansion of the metal causing damage to the system that can be caused when the weather changes drastically.

Prevent potential problems from occurring to your home’s gutters by installing a SnapLock Gutter System. To find out more about how a SnapLock Gutter System can benefit your home in Boerne, TX, be sure to contact us at Quality Gutter Systems today.


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