What You Need To Know About SnapLock Gutters

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What You Need To Know About SnapLock Gutters

If you live in Boerne, TX, or the surrounding areas you’re well aware of the fact that it does rain here on occasion. It’s why your home needs to have a good gutter system. However, traditional gutter systems tend to have a lot of vulnerabilities.

This is due to regular exposure to the elements (such as heavy rain and high-powered winds). Regular gutters can often develop leaks or pull away from the roof. This is when water damage or leaks to the roof, walls, and/or foundation of your home happen. It’s why we highly recommend that you install Snaplock Gutters.

How are Snaplock Gutters Installed?

Traditional gutter systems tend to be either nailed or screwed to the edge of the roof. Snaplock Gutters have a bracket crimped to the back of the trough. This gives them easy installation under the roof drip edge. Essentially, the Snaplock Gutter system snaps into the truss and locks into place. Hidden hangers provide more support and are spaced out along the gutter system.

What Makes Snaplock Gutters Special?

Because of how Snaplock Gutters are installed, screws and nails are not necessary. Traditional gutter systems often develop leaks because of the nail or screw holes. They widen through wear and tear, causing water to leak through. Since there are no holes in Snaplock Gutters, this cannot happen.

Additionally, nails and screws pop out causing traditional gutters to pull away from the roof. This can happen if the gutters are under a lot of duress (which can happen during bad storms). The way Snaplock Gutters snap and lock in make them unlikely to pull away from your roof.

How Much Do Snaplock Gutters Cost?

Snaplock Gutters are slightly more expensive than traditional gutters. However, the difference in cost is relatively minor. Additionally, you’ll end up saving money over the long run. Traditional gutters could incur repair and replacement costs, which makes all the difference. Snaplock Gutters will last a long time and are much less likely to experience damage.SnapLock Gutters are an excellent investment when you consider the added protection they provide. It’s essential you make sure they’re properly installed by a reputable installer. For a free estimate, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne, TX today.

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