3 Reasons a SnapLock Gutter is Best for Your Home

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Snaplock gutters Boerne, TX home

Most gutter systems on the market today still rely on nails, screws or spikes driven through the back of the gutter to attach it to a home’s fascia board. This antiquated method is supposed to keep the gutters well-attached, but it ultimately fails. The SnapLock gutter attachment system is superior in every way because it’s radically different than the standard spike-nail-screw method. 

What Exactly are SnapLock Gutters?

SnapLock is a truly revolutionary gutter attachment system that completely eliminates the need to penetrate the gutter trough with nails, spikes or screws. Instead, it features a unique truss that’s installed underneath the roofline drip edge. A bracket is crimped onto the back of the trough, which allows it to “snap and lock” into the truss. Hidden hangers are also incorporated for proper spacing and to give the gutter system additional support.

If you need to replace the gutters on your home, here are three compelling reasons why the SnapLock system is your best choice:

Superior Strength

The fact that SnapLock gutters can handle any amount of rain is backed up by independent testing by Product Testing, Inc. that’s shown the system’s load capacity is many times greater than that of traditional five- and six-inch gutters. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your gutters will stand up to even the heaviest Texas rain storms.

Longer Gutter Lifespan

SnapLock’s truss and bracket attachment method keeps your gutters snugly in place, but its design creates about 1/4-inch of clearance between the gutter back and the fascia board. This is just enough space to provide ample air circulation so trapped moisture doesn’t rot the wood. Since fascia deterioration can quickly lead to sagging and to gutter failure, avoiding it helps ensure that your gutter system will last over the long term.

Perfect Gutter Pitch

The old-fashioned installation method used for most gutter systems does keep the trough firmly attached to the fascia until wood rot sets in, but doing so means there’s no allowance given for the normal expansion and contraction that occurs when the outdoor temperature changes. With the SnapLock system, the gutter is free floating in its truss so it’s not affected by expansion/contraction. This keeps the gutters intact and properly pitched so rain collects and drains away as it should.

Contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems to learn more reasons why SnapLock gutters are the best choice for your Boerne-area home.

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