Why San Antonio Homes Require Quality Gutters

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Why San Antonio Homes Require Quality Gutters

San Antonio gets around 32.9 inches of precipitation every year. 

While this isn’t quite as much as areas around the Gulf Coast, it’s still significantly more than other parts of Texas, especially west Texas. Because of this, homes in San Antonio depend on high-quality seamless gutter systems to prevent potential water damage during heavy rains.

The Importance of High-Quality Gutter Systems

Without a high-quality gutter system that’s properly installed and in good condition, your home is vulnerable to all kinds of potential damage. For example, rainwater can build up and leak into your roof, causing roof damage as well as water leaks within the home. A gutter system that’s not properly diverting water away from the house can also cause water to pool too close to the foundation. This can result in costly damage to the foundation that could compromise your home’s structural integrity, the flooding of your basement and in erosion around your house.

Our Seamless Gutter Systems:

Our seamless gutter systems are designed to protect against every potential problem. The following are just a few of the technologies that we have implemented into our gutter designs:

Seamless gutter design

Traditional gutter systems are more likely to develop leaks along the seams. Our seamless gutter design helps to prevent this issue, which can prevent water damage to your home’s siding. These same seamless gutters also protect the fascia and decking of your roof from water damage.

Leaflock technology

One of the challenges that San Antonio homeowners often have to deal with is gutter blockages. If your gutter system becomes blocked by leaves and debris, then rainwater is likely to build up. This can result in rainwater leaking in through your roof. The weight of the water can also cause your gutter system to separate, resulting in costly damage. Our Leaflock technology prevents debris from collecting in your gutters, not only preventing potential damage but also eliminating the need to risk your safety cleaning out your gutters.

SnapLock gutter installation

We don’t use spikes or nails to install our gutter systems, thereby preventing potential water seepage, rust, mold and rot. Our SnapLock system also prevents your gutters from separating, while also allowing them the flexibility to move freely so that no damage is done as a result of metal expansion during temperature changes.
To make sure that your San Antonio-area home is equipped with a high-quality seamless gutter system, be sure to contact us at Quality Gutter Systems for a free seamless gutter installation estimate today.

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