Early Hints It’s Time to Replace Your Gutters

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Early Hints It's Time to Replace Your GuttersAfter an evening’s gentle rain, you step off your porch or deck, right into a puddle. You look and see water pooling around your home’s foundation. That is one sign you need to replace your San Antonio home’s gutters, and it is an urgent sign. Learn to recognize the half-dozen signs that the time is now for a gutter replacement.

Pooling Water

Water that is not carried away from your home’s foundation will soften the earth around that foundation, soaking the soil and pushing against the foundation walls. Expect foundation cracks, seepage, and a damp basement or crawl space if you do not arrange for gutter replacement soon.

Leaking Corners

Inside and outside miters — the pieces that even “seamless” gutters require to turn corners — are prone to leaks if they are not securely fastened and sealed. If you feel a steady drip from the corners of your gutters, it is time for gutter replacement services from trained, professional installers.


Beneath the horizontal gutters or behind the downspouts, you see discoloration and water staining. These are both signs your gutters are not performing correctly. Water is either spilling over the top of your gutters or leaking through them. Leaks can be caused by cracks from metal fatigue, degradation from ultraviolet rays from sunlight, or physical stress.

Failing Supports

Sagging gutters are indicators that the support brackets have failed. Even reattaching them may not be enough; you may want to consider gutter replacement instead of temporary repair.


If, when you stand beneath the horizontal portion of your home’s gutter system, you can see daylight between the fascia and the gutter, you need gutter replacement. The gutters are no longer tight to the fascia strip and are allowing water in behind, right against your San Antonio home. This leads to water infiltration and rotten fascia strips.


Even baked-on finishes will fade over time. If your gutters show peeling paint, odd coloration or severe fading, now is the time for a gutter replacement from professionals. You can select from a wide range of colors to complement your home’s exterior finish.

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