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Rain Chains Can Personalize Your New Gutter System

Gutters are all the same, aren’t they? They don’t have to be! Not every gutter has to be used in the exact same way all year long. 

In fact, when Texas heads into the rainy season of the year, your gutters will be gushing will rainwater that needs to be diverted off your roof.  That’s where a rain chain comes in handy. Rain chains are a great way to turn a regular, closed downspout into a stylish, functional house element. This creative, functional feature customizes the gutters to make them more useful and adds personality to your gutter system.

History Behind Rain Chains 

Rain chains aren’t a new idea. Japanese roofs used to collect water and transport it down with chains into large barrels to use within the home. There are even ornate large rain chains on temples. Chains also popped up in South America and in many other locations. Today, the concept has been expanded to include a broad line of products and options. The chains can be fancy or rather plain, but most offer open, airy looks with clean lines. They are often used in modern designs but also work well in rustic settings.

Rain Chain Installation

Installing a rain chain is simple and straightforward. They hang below the hole where the downspout used to be situated and use the gutter that is already provided as an attachment. If things don’t match up because the hole is larger than the chain, there’s another installation kit to reduce the hole first and focus the water onto the chain.

Add Style to Your Gutter System

Gutter systems can be rather dull and boring, but you can personalize your system with a rain chain in one or more locations. Bring a leafy element to the corner of your gutter system for added creativity.

Since rain chains allow for water to hit small metal platforms, they create the perfect symphony of rainwater droplet sounds to read a book or relax next to.

Added Water Efficiency

At the bottom of the chain, you can collect the water in a pot if you’d like in order to use it for household measures. Use this free water to water outdoor plants or grow grass in your yard. Roofing systems have a large amount of surface area and can gather enough water for your garden, free of charge.

To look into the details and options, contact Quality Gutter Systems for help. We can transfer your ordinary gutter system into a water feature that gives your home extra style and beauty. With a variety of rain chain options, you can find anything for any style home.

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