Rain Chains: An Incredible Accent for Your Home

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Rain chains for gutters are far more aesthetically pleasing than downspouts, and provide the musical trill of falling water while still reducing soil erosion and other problems that are common to traditional downspouts.

The Rich History of Rain Chains

One cup of the series of a rain handing chain.

One cup of the series of a rain handing chain.

Japan is famous for many of its offerings, especially those that have made their way into the mainstream of American life and design.

Kusari doi, or rain chains for gutters, (literally translated, it means “chain gutter”) are a beautiful and functional example of traditional Japanese offerings gaining appreciation among an American audience.

In Japan, rain chains have been in use for hundreds of years, but their beauty and functionality has attracted attention from Texas homeowners looking to make artful, pleasing additions to their homes’ exteriors.

Their growing popularity can be credited to a variety of divergent factors.

Effective Beauty and Functionality

Rain chains for gutters come in a variety of styles, meaning there are a lot of options for personalizing your home and beautifying your outdoor spaces.

They work on a very simple basis, directing the flow of rainwater from your gutters and down the chains, resulting in a wonderfully whimsical and watery display.

No matter what type of rain chain you choose, it can be paired with a receptacle to catch the rainwater, small pebbles, or a landscaping tile to provide effective rainwater distribution.

Rain chain in a Japanese Garden filled with Water

Rain chain in a Japanese Garden filled with Water

Relaxing Outdoor Ambiance

With rain chains, you can transform your outdoor spaces into veritable water gardens, stress-relieving retreats where rainy days mean total relaxation. Their properties are greatly appreciated by the Japanese, who use them not only for their homes, but also for temples.

Rain chains add the calming touch of gently cascading water, no matter where they’re installed.

Making the Change

You deserve a beautiful, relaxing home, and rain chains are a great step toward making your home more beautiful and environmentally friendly. No matter your specific tastes, you’ll find rain chains that complement your style, giving your home a new, more artful look.

While rain chains aren’t exactly considered mainstream just yet, they’re surprisingly easy to find, even in Texas.

Quality Gutter Systems, offering custom gutter solutions to local homeowners, can help you fit the right rain chain to your gutter system. Experienced installers are available to help transform your outdoor spaces into truly beautiful and relaxing getaways with gorgeous rain chains.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems today to find your perfect rain chains!  We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured; a family business with a focus on excellence and integrity.

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