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3 Reasons Quality Matters For Your HomeIf you need to replace the gutter system on your home, it’s better to make quality a priority rather than low cost. Why? Because skimping on gutter quality can have long-term consequences and leave you dealing with the expense of fixing property damage or another gutter replacement in just a few year’s time. Here are three of the reasons why choosing quality gutters matters so much.

Long-Term Durability

Gutters aren’t all created equal. The thickness of the material used to fabricate a gutter system makes a big difference in how well the gutters perform and how long they stand up to the elements. Cheap gutters made of vinyl or thinner aluminum like the ones found in all the big box home improvement stores are more likely to bend out of shape and pull away from the fascia under a heavy load. They can also crack and break, or separate at section joints and begin leaking from multiple points. Once this happens, your gutter system can’t do its job of capturing and routing rainwater safely away.

Installation Flaws

To save money, you might be tempted to either install new gutters yourself or hire a general handyman to do the job. You may not realize it, but installation plays a huge part in how well your gutter system functions, and it takes skill and experience to get it right. For your gutter system to work properly, the person doing the installation has to make sure that the gutters have:

  • The correct pitch and angle so water flows out instead of stagnating.
  • Proper attachments to the fascia so they don’t pull away and become ineffective.
  • Well-secured downspouts/extensions in the right places so rain is diverted far enough away from your home.

Protective Capabilities

A gutter system isn’t a decoration – it serves a critically important function and can either protect your home from rain’s harmful effects or make any potential damage worse. If your gutters are flimsy and/or poorly installed, they’re much less likely to protect your home against:

  • Soil erosion, foundation cracks and landscaping damage.
  • Deterioration of the siding, stonework or brickwork.
  • Settling and cracking of your driveway and walkways.
  • Fascia decay and roof deterioration.
  • Water infiltrations into the attic and exterior walls.

If you’re planning to replace the gutter system on your Boerne-area home and you’d like to learn more reasons why installing quality gutters matters, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems.

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