4 Creative Ways to Protect Your Gutters

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Quality Gutter Systems tips for protecting your gutters.Your gutters are designed to divert rainwater so it doesn’t harm your home’s exterior, landscaping and foundation. Without gutter protection, though, gutters can quickly clog up with leaves, seed pods, evergreen needles and other debris. Clogged gutters can overflow, or sag under the weight of wet debris, which can cause costly issues such as:

  • Decayed fascia, soffits, shingles and roof decking
  • Water damaged paint, siding and masonry work
  • Soil erosion that weakens the foundation
  • Mold growth in the attic and walls
  • Settling/cracking of the driveway and walkways


Options for Gutter Protection

Here are five creative protection options to keep your gutters debris-free, ranked from least to most effective:

  • Gutter brushes. The most economical type of gutter protection, brush guards look a lot like large pipe cleaners. The brushes are placed inside the troughs to keep out larger debris but let water flow through the gutter system. The design has a major drawback though – smaller pieces of debris tend to get caught in the brush bristles and can easily build up and clog the gutters.
  • Polyurethane foam inserts. An inexpensive DIY option, porous foam inserts are designed to let water flow through the gutters while blocking debris. The wedge-shaped foam pieces need to fit snugly in the gutters, so they have to be cut to size. Plus, vegetation can collect on top and seeds can even take root and grow in the foam.
  • Leaf screens. Small-hole steel screens are effective at keeping leaves and other large debris out of the gutters, while letting small pieces through to get washed away. Quality gutter screens are powder-coated to resist corrosion, and work on spring tension so they stay in place snugly against the shingles but are easy to remove and reinstall when cleaning the gutters.
  • Micro-mesh gutter guards. These guards feature stainless steel mesh hemmed into a sturdy aluminum frame and actually strengthen your gutter system. The fine mesh stops even tiny pieces of debris – like shingle granules — from entering the gutters.
  • BONUS: Hood-style guards. We know we said four, but we couldn’t resist adding this last one for good measure! Custom-fitted gutter hoods that work on the principle of water surface tension are considered the most effective type of gutter protection. As rainwater comes over the hood’s rounded nose, surface tension carries it straight into the trough, while leaves and other debris continue over the edge and fall harmlessly on the ground.


To learn more about your gutter protection options, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems!

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