How SnapLock Gutters Prevent Your Gutters From Sagging

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How SnapLock Gutters Prevent Your Gutters From Sagging

Boerne, TX, gets its share of rain throughout the year, especially in May. Your gutter system plays an important role in preventing damage to your home during this time of year. Your gutters are in place to collect and disperse the rainwater from your roof away from the house. You don’t want the water to leak through your roof, exterior walls, or foundation. Unfortunately, traditional gutter systems can sag or pull away from your roof over time. This leaves your home vulnerable to water damage. It’s why you should consider installing SnapLock Gutters.

What Causes Gutters to Sag or Pull Away?

First of all, when your gutters begin sagging or pulling away, it makes it more difficult for them to do their job. Sagging creates gaps which allow rainwater to drip down the roof edge instead of collecting in your gutters. This water can leak through your exterior walls and windows or collect on the ground below. Water then gets into your basement or causes damage to your home’s foundation. These can be quite expensive to repair. When your gutters sag, they’re more likely to experience leaks, leading to the same issues.

The reason traditional gutters sag or pull away is how they attach to your roof using nails and screws. Through regular wear and tear, these nails or screws can loosen or pop out. Gutters then start to sag or pull away under the weight of heavy rainfall.

How do SnapLock Gutters Prevent Sagging?

The SnapLock Gutters design eliminates sagging or pulling away from the roof. This is because SnapLock gutters are not installed with nails or screws. Instead, they snap onto the edge of the roof. They remain secure across the length of the gutter system this way. Snapping them in also eliminates the possibility of sagging or pulling away. The way they’re installed creates a watertight seal as well, preventing seepage. This, in turn, helps prevent the growth of mold and fungus, which are common with traditional gutter systems.

End the risk of sagging or of pulling away from your roof by installing SnapLock Gutters in Boerne, TX. For more information about SnapLock Gutters or to request a free estimate, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems today.

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