How to Pick the Right Gutter Style for Your Home

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BLOG - Nov 2015 - Quality Gutters

Choosing gutters may not be the most glamorous or exciting home improvement decision that you have to make; however, they fulfill an important purpose in protecting your home.

A well-designed gutter system helps your home to handle rainy weather by channeling water away from the foundation.

Fortunately, You have numerous options when it comes to gutters for your home. Here are a few options to help you understand the styles of gutters available – and which may be best for your home.

Looking for a Classic Style?

AlumOgee04800x600For homes looking for a classic, functional style, OGEE gutters are a great option.

Also known as K-style gutters, these gutters have flat bottoms or backs and a front side that looks like decorative crown molding. These gutters are available in numerous styles.

OGEE gutters are ideal for use on homes where a flat fascia has been installed, and can be made from any of the aluminum color choices, copper, galvalume, or galvanized. These are usually paired with rectangular downspouts.

Modern, Sleek, and Angular

Straight faced gutters are sleek and modern – all straight lines and no curves.  This gutter type is a great accent for homes that require a sleek or angular profile.


Spanish-Style Homes

CopperHalfRound08800x600LGHalf-round gutters are a perfect choice for older homes – or those with a classic, Spanish style.

These gutters are just as the name implies: an open half tube with a U-shaped profile. Many structures opt for copper gutters, although the half-round style is available in the same colors and materials as OGEE and Straight Faced gutters..

One of their main benefits is that they are usually easier to clean – and strikingly beautiful. Half round gutters can be installed with a matching downspout of the same style and material.

Always Choose the Right Style for Your Home

Gutter systems are a necessary component to any home or building structure.  There are many different styles available in a wide variety of colors and materials, ready to be custom-fit to your home.

If you are looking for gutters and downspouts in the Boerne area, contact our team at Quality Gutter Systems. We provide professional consultation and custom gutter solutions for your home or business.

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