Out-of-the-Box Ways to Think About Gutter Aesthetics & Your Home

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Out-of-the-Box Ways to Think About Gutter Aesthetics & Your Home

Properly-installed, quality house gutters are an absolute necessity to protect your home and landscaping from rainwater damage, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything ho-hum. If you’d rather use the gutters to elevate your home’s aesthetic, consider these fresh and innovative ideas.

Dress Up Your Boerne, TX Downspouts

Whoever said that downspouts have to be plain, metal squares? Even if you opt for ordinary gutters, you can express your artistic side by having downspouts custom fabricated in almost any design imaginable, such as a novel spiral or elongated animal shape. If you prefer traditional square downspouts, you can easily dress them up by using contrasting metal wrap-around straps, brackets or pipe hangers as the attachments.

Incorporate Decorative Rain Chains

By replacing a downspout with a beautiful copper, brass or aluminum rain chain and placing a hammered metal basin, ceramic pot or rain barrel beneath, you can create a soothing, Japanese-style water feature in your yard. Rain chains are available in an array of unique shapes to suit any taste, such as double loops, calla lilies, cylinders, koi fish and cup styles featuring hummingbirds, butterflies or honeybees, just to name a few.

Add Distinction With Leader Heads

In centuries past when flat-roofed estate homes relied on built-in scuppers for drainage, “leader” or “conductor” heads attached to the exterior walls were a necessity to capture rainwater and deposit it into the downspouts. Nowadays, ornamental leader heads are used to add elegance and sophistication to a home’s exterior. You can have custom conductor heads fabricated from any quality gutter material, add embossed emblems or initials, or highlight them with a contrasting paint color.

Go Bold With Color

Many homeowners prefer to have their gutter systems blend into the background, so they match the gutter color to the trim/fascia or cladding. Instead of shying away from a contrasting color, pick one that stands out against the structural components of your home so your gutters “pop” and become a dramatic design element.

Opt for Copper or Galvalume House Gutters

For luxurious flair and appeal, you can’t beat seamless house gutters fashioned from a high-end metal like copper or steel. Half-round copper gutters with a muted patina are a standout on a traditional home, while the silvery sheen of Galvalume gutters makes a perfect complement to more modern architectural styles.
For more creative gutter ideas for your Boerne-area home, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems.

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