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What You Need to Know about OGEE GuttersIf you’re researching different gutter options for your home, you may have heard of “OGEE gutters” but you’re not sure exactly what they are. Often referred to as “K-style,” OGEE gutters are the most popular type of gutter installed on American homes today, largely because they not only look attractive, but they also perform exceptionally well.

OGEE Gutter Profile Defined

The term “OGEE” refers to the elongated, double curved “S” shape of the front face of the gutter. When viewed from the side, the OGEE gutter profile is reminiscent of the decorative crown molding used in traditional homes that curves up and out so it’s wider at the top than the bottom. While the front is curved, both the bottom and back of OGEE gutters are flat, so they fit right up against a home’s fascia trim board and can be attached snugly and securely.

OGEE Gutter Material, Color and Size Options

Because OGEE gutters are so popular, they’re available in a variety of materials and sizes to suit virtually any application or aesthetic. The standard OGEE gutter trough sizes are 5 and 6 inches but they can also be custom made in 7- and 8-inch widths. As far as materials go, you can choose from:

  • Stainless or Galvalume steel
  • Copper
  • Painted aluminum in a wide selection of colors

Benefits of Installing an OGEE Gutter System on Your Home

Due to their popularity with homeowners, the quality of OGEE gutter offerings has been enhanced in recent years. In the past, plain galvanized sectional gutters were the norm. Now, the industry standard is seamless OGEE gutters that are custom fabricated onsite, usually from heavy-gauge, durable painted aluminum. Their rise in popularity has also made custom-crafted OGEE gutter systems more affordable, although the cost differs depending on your choice of material.

The many benefits of having a custom OGEE gutter system installed include:

  • Precise measurements and on-site fabrication provide a seamless system that’s less prone to leaks
  • The distinct OGEE shape can transport more water than rounded gutters
  • Stylish good looks complement traditional architecture beautifully
  • Strength, durability and secure attachment for long-term reliability
  • A wide choice of sizes, materials and colors

At Quality Gutter Systems, we have over a decade of experience custom fabricating and installing high-quality gutter systems for homeowners in Boerne and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for expert advice or a quote on your new gutter system.

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