Not Just A Decoration: 5 Uses For Rain Chains

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Do you know what a rain chain is? It’s kind of an odd question to open up a discussion with, but now that it’s out there, what’s your take? If you’re drawing a bit of a blank, it’s OK. Though a mainstay in areas like the Far East, rain chains have only started becoming more popular in recent years here in the U.S.. While the exact reasons for their popularity seem to vary, one thing is for certain — the market for rain chains is big.

Rain Chains: What To Know

In the most basic sense, a rain chain is a linked collection of loops or other shapes that dangles from one’s roof. As rain comes down & moves toward the chain, the water travels down the chain instead of just spraying everywhere. The best way to think of rain chains is as a rudimentary downspout.

Unfortunately, the functional aspect of rain chains is what has been lost in their rise in popularity in this country over the years. Far too often, the decorative element has been pushed as the go-to reason for having a rain chain as part of one’s home garden & general landscape. What’s more, because some rain chains add an element of sound & musicality (think wind chimes), the rain chain has often been mistaken more as a neat and unique water feature rather than an economical water management tool.

An Alternative to the Norm

If you’ve ever looked at your gutters & downspouts and thought to yourself, ‘Hmmm. Could there be a different way of doing things?’, then maybe a rain chain is the answer you’ve been looking for. Here are a few things to consider:

Redirect Water – Like a downspout, rain chains redirect water. They can be installed into your gutters very easily. As water flows down the chain, some of the castaway water can be used to help landscaping. However, the bulk of the water continues downward through liquid adhesion, usually to a French drain or collection vessel. 

Assist with Water Collection – Using a hose to water one’s lawn or plants can feel a little wasteful, and that’s because you may be trying to keep from using a programmed sprinkler system. By using a rain barrel or a more decorative basin with hose spigot, you can use gravity & rain water to accomplish the same task without having to waste water.

Help Lower Damage to Landscaping – Rain chains keep water from sloshing everywhere. If a steady amount of rainfall were to be channeled into one spot & drop right into your flowerbeds, the amount of damage that could be done could be significant.

Help Lower Damage to Your Home – Aside from the damage to landscaping, the amount of damage all of that splashing would have on your home could be detrimental. Standing water around foundations & splashing on siding and masonry all leads to damage in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

A Tool for World Change – It’s no secret that the world is changing. Our available resources, like water, are becoming more precious with every passing day. This is what makes using water in a frivolous fashion seem so wasteful. By utilizing a simple but effective tool like a rain chain & rain barrel, for example, single homes can lead the way for larger-scale water conservation everywhere.

Is A Rain Chain Right for You? Maybe…

But as with most things pertaining to your home, knowing whether a rain chain is the right call for you can depend on a number of factors. As such, contacting a local, dependable, and knowledgeable gutter contractor is a great way to get feedback on the pros & cons of rain chains. What’s more, they can give you insight into other water conservation & management alternatives worth looking into that might be better suited for your region.

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