Why the Cost of New Gutters is a Great Investment

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Why the Cost of New Gutters is a Great Investment

If your home already has gutters, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and put off replacing them as long as possible. Giving in to the temptation to postpone gutter replacement can have costly consequences because it leaves your home vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

Putting the True Cost of New Gutters Into Perspective

A failing gutter system is easy to ignore unless there’s a torrent of water pouring down right by your front door whenever it rains, or a length of water-logged gutter gets torn from the fascia. Unless you’re facing such issues, spending several dollars per linear foot to have new seamless, custom gutters and downspouts installed can seem like an unnecessary cash outlay that doesn’t offer much of a return.

The truth is, new gutters are an investment that can save you considerable stress and home repair costs over time. The real value of having new gutters that function well is that they’re able to protect your home and property from slow and stealthy deterioration, like:

Decayed Structural Components

If your existing gutters are leaking at joints and seams, or they’ve pulled away in some spots, water can start to deteriorate the fascia, back up under the roof material and decay the wood decking, or get in behind the cladding and start to rot the wall structure.

Mold Growth in Hidden Areas

Once moisture enters your attic or exterior walls, mold growth can spread through wooden studs, joists and plywood components and if it goes unnoticed, the fungi can start to devour the drywall on your ceilings and walls. In addition to the expense of mold remediation, you can face the cost of tearing out and replacing damaged areas.

Damaging Insect Infestations

When you have moist soil around your home’s perimeter due to leaking or overflowing gutters, you’re providing an ideal environment for subterranean termite colonies and a ready nearby food source – all the different wood components of your home.

Ruined Landscaping and Hardscaping

If your old gutters aren’t capturing and redirecting water a safe distance from your foundation, the surrounding landscaping can take a beating every time it rains. Uncontrolled rainwater runoff can also erode the soil and weaken your foundation, driveway, patio, and walkways.

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