What You Need to Know About Leaves, Gutters and Damage

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What You Need to Know About Leaves, Gutters, and Damage

If you have typical Texas trees on your property—redbuds, white oaks, those lovely crepe myrtles—you know their leaves often end up in your gutters, clogging them. You think of it as an inconvenience, but leaf-clogged gutters can actually damage your home.


Deciduous trees (with broad, flat leaves dropped in autumn) and coniferous trees (with needle-like leaves) can litter your Hill Country home’s roof with their leaves. Washed down off the roof during rains, these leaves will readily clog any open gutters. A typical run of gutter can fill with many gallons of water in just a few minutes during a thunderstorm.

The leaves essentially brew, like tea, in the standing water in your gutters. The next rain can wash that leaf-tinted, stagnant water out of the gutter, down the gutter front, and onto your home’s exterior walls. The ugly, blotchy stains can be challenging to get off the gutters and your siding.

Keep trees from overhanging your home’s roof to minimize the chance for leaves getting into the gutters. Better, replace your home’s existing gutters with the LeafLock leaf protection system, expertly installed by Quality Gutter Systems.


Clogged gutters do more than discolor your home. The water that overflows out of the back side of the gutter can infiltrate into your attic space. It can rot the fascia (that horizontal, flat trim behind the gutter). It can rot away holes large enough for invasive pests.

Clogs also lead to foundation damage, since the downspout never gets a workout. The water just washes into the ground near your foundation, instead of being carried away from it.
Prevent clogs by keeping your gutters clean all year round, but especially in the fall. Be careful, though, because working on extension ladders is dangerous work.


You can continue to fight Mother Nature and clean out your gutters 10 times a year, but for maximum leaf protection, call Quality Gutter Systems to have LeafLock gutters installed on your Boerne-area home.

LeafLock gutters have a built-in leaf protection hood that keeps leaves and organic debris from entering the gutter. Rainwater washes the leaves—be they yaupon holly, desert willow or our own Texas state tree, the pecan—off the front of the gutter and straight to the ground. No clogging, no staining, no yucky mess in your gutters, ever!

Contact Quality Gutter Systems today to learn more about this modern solution to an age-old problem.

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