Why Gutters Cause Mold And How To Fix It

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Gutter Mold Fix

Mold is about the last thing you want on your home. It’s dangerous, damaging, and hard to get rid of. Roofing systems need gutter installation in order to properly direct water away from the home, saving the foundation and other areas from damage. But not every gutter installation can prevent mold. In fact, some gutters actually cause mold to grow. How is that possible?

Why Is There Mold In My Gutter?

Older gutter installation includes gutters that are segmented into pieces. They lack the proper ventilation in order to stay dry between rain storms, which means they can easily grow mold. These older gutter installation systems are screwed into the fascia, which means there is a hole in each gutter segment. There are also seams where the segments of metal overlap, which have crevices that can house moisture and hide from air. That’s a perfect breeding ground for mold. Since the gutter installation is secure and the water can easily get into the gutter, it also needs a way out. The screws and seams are hiding spots that hold water with no way out. This is the where the mold starts and it can grow out in other areas from there. Not only does mold grow in these places, but it can also rot the roof and the fascia in the meantime.

What Should I Do About A Moldy Gutter?

What can you do about this type of gutter issue? Get seamless gutter installation to alleviate the issue. You don’t want mold anywhere near your home and you don’t have to have it there. Seamless gutters don’t include screws in the fascia –  rather they hang freely so they have the ventilation they need to fully dry. There’s no place for water to hide and nowhere for mold to grow! There are also no overlapping segments on metal to create a warm, enclosed environment where mold can thrive.

Install A Seamless Gutter System

If you are ready for gutter installation to combat mold issues with your current system, contact Quality Gutter Systems and ask about seamless gutters. There are a number of other benefits to this type of gutter installation and you will even notice a difference in the curb appeal of your home. Let’s get rid of the mold in your gutters, or even the chance of mold in that area with new seamless gutters.

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