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Leaves -- One Big Threat to Your Home!Leaves are beautiful, water-soluble little carriers of some very intense chemicals. Chloropyll, xanthophyll and anthocyanin provide the vibrant greens, yellows and reds of autumn leaves. Those same brilliant leaves provide the pigments to stain your concrete walkways, driveway, gutters and house facade. Stains are only one of the many threats to your home that leaves bring.


Leaves occur in many shapes, from the slender pine needles of coniferous trees to the broad, downspout-clogging leaves you see on the Texas native, the American Sycamore.

Texas has so many different types of leaves, Texas A&M helps homeowners decode them. Every one of them, though, can be a gutter clogger. Pine needles can accumulate and form a wiry mess. The knobby, scale-like leaves of the Ashe Juniper can get caught in right angles of gutter systems, forcing water to back up in the gutter rather than run harmlessly away from your home.


Leaves seem like mild threats, to be sure, but their menace is in numbers. As leaves build up on roofs and in gutters, their damage grows cumulatively. A single clogged gutter can hold gallons of stagnant water, providing breeding grounds for insects. Other issues:

  • Water backing up in gutters from leaf clogs will overflow behind the gutter, rotting the fascia; a rotten fascia is an ideal entryway for rodents and insects to enter your Texas home
  • Water backing up behind the gutter will invade your home, leading to mold and mildew between your exterior and interior walls
  • Water overflowing the front of your home’s gutters will erode the foundation area around your house
  • The same overflowing water will discolor your gutters, splash leaf-stained water on your home’s exterior, and stain decks, porches and walkways.
  • As leaves rot and decay, they form dense mats that add to the gutter obstruction and weigh down the gutters, which can pull away from your home

Problem Solved

Leaves can be locked out of your home’s gutters with an ingenious product, LeafLock, which puts a stop to mold, mildew, leaf rot, insects and all the other damage leaves may cause. LeafLock is guaranteed to work 24/7/365 to protect your home.
Quality Gutters is concerned about your home’s gutters. It is our business, but it is also our talent and our passion. Let us help you preserve and protect your home by installing LeafLock gutters for you. Contact Quality Gutters today.

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