Are Your Gutters and Roof Drains Clogged?

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leaflock to the rescue
Gutters are indispensable. They enable homeowners to direct water runoff from the roof away from the foundations of their homes. However, their water-catching ability also catches an accumulation of leaves and debris that clogs the gutters and inhibits proper water runoff. Fortunately, there are gutter guard solutions for homeowners to turn to.

LeafLock Gutter Guards To The Rescue

There are many gutter guards on the market. Some are effective, others are not.  After a lot of research and testing, we finally found one that stands a head and shoulders above the rest: LeafLock™.

Leaflock™ offers a unique design, different from any other on the market. When combined with Snaplock technology, homeowners are offered a product that is not riddled with screws, and works well with a seamless gutters for an efficient, maintenance-free system.

Take a look at the diagram below for a detailed view of the makeup of LeafLock™ Gutter Guards.
leaflock gutter protection


Although ice and snow is hardly one of our main concerns in the heart of Texas, the heat tape options work great if you have a cabin, vacation home, or hunting shack somewhere in the mountains or northern states.

Is it Worth the Investment?

It depends.  Do your gutters clog often?  Do you have gutters in a difficult-to-reach location that you dread cleaning? Would you like to eliminate some of the maintenance projects attached to a second home that you use for vacation purposes? Do you have a rain collection system that would benefit from less contaminants, such as decaying leaves, clogging the system?

Gutter guards are not a mandatory component to your roofing system (although we think they should be!), but they are an easy, affordable means of providing a safer, way to make life easier.  If you would like more information, give us a call at Quality Gutters.  We have been serving the Boerne area for many years – and look forward to many more!

If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your gutters, give us a call to talk about LeafLock™, the affordable option to make your life easier.

LeafLock Options for Your Home