3 Best Ways Leaf Screens Protect Your Home From Destruction

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3 Best Ways Leaf Screens Protect Your Home From Destruction

When it comes to the very basics of what your home’s function is, it’s to protect you from the elements — to provide you cover against things like rain and wind. It’s why your roof plays such an important part in protecting your household. However, the way that rain falls, it can still cause leaks and water damage despite the existence of a high-quality roof, and that’s why you need to have gutters installed. However, gutters can be vulnerable to damage and leaks as well. To help protect your gutters and ensure that they are able to do their job properly, we highly recommend installing leaf screens.

What are Leaf Screens?

Leaf screens are screens that attach to the top of your gutters. Gutter systems are designed to be open at the top so that they can collect rainwater and disperse it away from your home. Unfortunately, because they are open, debris (such as leaves, twigs, branches, nests, dirt, and more) will inevitably collect inside the gutters. By installing leaf screens, debris will not be able to settle inside of your gutters. Leaf screens are able to do this using mesh material that will block debris while still allowing water to flow through so that your gutters can continue doing their job.

Ways Leaf Screens Protect Your Home

The following are a few ways that leaf screens can help to protect your home against possible damage:

  1. Prevent gutter damage – As debris continue to collect in your gutter system, your gutters will continue experiencing more wear and tear over time. Not to mention that if a clog does end up forming as a result of debris buildup, rainwater will back up in your gutter. It will rise and eventually overflow. Gutters were not built to withstand such weight, which means that as the water sits there, the gutters will experience more and more strain. This can cause them to eventually pull away from your roof, thereby requiring repairs. 
  2. Prevent water leaks and damage – When clogs occur and rainwater builds up to the point where it overflows, the water falls straight down, which means that it can leak into your roof, exterior walls, and windows. It can also cause water damage to all of these areas.  
  3. Prevent erosion and foundation damage – One of the major purposes behind your gutter system is to prevent rainwater from collecting by the foundation of your house. Your gutters disperse water away from your house and without leaf screens, it makes it more difficult to do this. This is because if a clog develops and water overflows from your gutters, it will collect near your foundation, where it can leak through or cause foundation damage. It can also lead to erosion.

The Additional Benefits of Installing Leaf Screens

Installing leaf screens can help to protect your home against all kinds of damage. However, damage prevention isn’t the only benefit that leaf screens can provide. The following are a few of the other benefits you can enjoy by installing leaf screens:

  1. Avoid high maintenance and repair costs – Without leaf screens, your gutters are more prone to clogs and your home is more prone to water leaks and damage. The cost to repair water damage or damaged gutters can be expensive. Additionally, without leaf screens, you will need to hire a professional to come clean out your gutters on a regular basis to prevent clogs from forming. The cost of hiring a professional gutter cleaner will add up over time. 
  2. Prevent potential injuries – Some homeowners may not want to hire a professional gutter cleaner, especially if they have a DIY attitude. While cleaning out your gutters may seem like a simple task, it still requires you to get up on a ladder to do so. This can result in accidents if you’re not properly trained, meaning you could fall and hurt yourself. Additionally, you’re more likely to cause damage to the gutters in an attempt to clean them out. 
  3. Improve property value – Believe it or not, you can add to the value of your property by installing leaf screens. If you ever decide to sell your home, buyers will take into account that the leaf screens will help to reduce their home maintenance needs (and costs). Leaf screens can help boost your curb appeal as well since they are aesthetically pleasing and can improve the aesthetics of your gutters.

Protect Your Home and Investment With Leaf Screens

Your home is likely your biggest investment, which is why it makes sense to protect it in every way you can. Installing leaf screens may not seem like a major deal, but it can help add an extra layer of protection to your home. For information about our leaf screens, contact us at Quality Gutter Systems today.