How Leaf Screens Compliment SnapLock Gutters

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How Leaf Screens Compliment SnapLock Gutters

Does anyone really enjoy cleaning out the gutters? It’s a messy, dirty, miserable job.

Your home might be much better off with something that prevents leaves from getting in the gutters in the first place. And that’s where the Leaf Screen comes in to help your already wonderful SnapLock Gutters.

How Leaf Screens Work

Leaf Screens are steel powder coated screens with small holes. They are easy to install on the SnapLock Gutters without interfering with the shingles, and they are simple to use. There’s a small hole in the screen to keep large debris out, but the smaller fragments simply wash through the downspouts. There’s no void between the shingles and the screen, either, where debris tends to collect and add up. These screens just snap under the hem of the gutter and rack water right into the gutter so there won’t be any water streaks along the edge.

Benefits of Leaf Screens with SnapLock Gutters

When you want the perfect system to help your roof and your house as a whole stay in good shape against the Texas rains, the SnapLock Gutters, and leaf screens make the perfect combination. You have three installation options, black and white coloring, and a 15-year warranty with the leaf screens. Plus, you can forget cleaning out the gutter forever. That’s worth it right there!

If you are in the market for new gutters, consider a leaf screen to go with it. You want your roof to stay in good shape and that means good gutters. If you want to avoid messy jobs that can even be dangerous when you are up on a ladder, a leaf screen just makes sense.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems for all of your gutter needs or questions about leaf screens or other gutter options. We want your gutter style to fit your home so we have a variety of options and distinct drainage systems that fit any home’s aesthetics. We don’t want anything negatively affecting the health of your home–even leaves–and that’s why there are different styles of gutter protectors that can be applied as needed. Let’s get together and figure out the best gutter fit for your home and budget.

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