What You Should Know About Your Gutters

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What You Should Know About Your Gutters

When you think about all the different features which protect your home from the elements, odds are you don’t give much thought to your gutter system. Your roof offers more immediate protection from the elements, after all. However, your gutter system plays a pivotal part in protecting your home. Without gutters, your roof won’t be able to do its job as effectively. It’s why every roof should have a gutter system properly installed — and why you should replace your existing gutter system if it’s been damaged or is no longer capable of performing its function properly.

The Benefits of Installing a Gutter System

The following are some main reasons why you should have a high-quality gutter system installed.

  • Prevent siding damage – Most residential roofs are sloped, which means when rain falls on your roof it will run down the sides. You want this to happen to prevent water from building up on your roof and potentially leaking in. However, if you don’t have a gutter system installed, rainwater will fall right off the edge. As a result, it can run down your exterior, causing all kinds of damage over time (such as staining your siding or causing mold growth to occur). If you install a gutter system, the rainwater will collect in the gutters where it will flow down towards your downspouts and dispersed away from the home.
  • Prevent water leaks – Without gutters, rainwater is more likely to leak in through windows, through your siding, and even through to your basement. Gutters help keep your home from being exposed to this rainwater.
  • Prevent soil erosion – When water is allowed to collect on the ground around your home, it can erode your soil and cause damage to your landscape as a result. When a gutter system is properly installed, downspouts will be installed in locations where rainwater will not cause harm to your soil.
  • Prevent foundation damage – If your foundation is exposed to enough rainwater it can experience serious damage over time. Foundation damage is a serious issue since it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. This is because rainwater collects near the foundation of your home. Fixing foundation damage can be incredibly expensive.
  • Improve curb appeal – Although the main benefits of installing a gutter system are in the prevention of damage caused by the collection of rainwater, a high-quality gutter system can help bring visual balance to your home design. A roof without gutters often looks unfinished. Not to mention if your gutters are old and rusted, they’ll hurt your curb appeal. New gutters can help to improve your property’s curb appeal.

The Importance of Correct Gutter Installation

As beneficial as it is to have a gutter system installed, it won’t be nearly as effective if it is incorrectly installed. It’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced and reputable contractor to install your gutter system. There are all kinds of issues you may experience as a result of a poor installation. For example, gutters aren’t properly installed are more likely to begin sagging or pulling away from your roof, thereby affecting their ability to do their job. Gutters aren’t properly installed are more likely to leak, causing water to collect where you were trying to prevent it from going in the first place.

The Importance of Experience

Additionally, you’ll want an experienced contractor to install your gutter system to ensure it’s installed at the proper slope. If the gutters aren’t sloped properly, then the rainwater they collect will just sit there instead of being properly dispersed away from your home. When rainwater just sits in place it will eventually overflow, potentially leading to water damage, soil erosion, and more. Not to mention the weight of the water can cause damage to the gutters themselves.

Generally speaking, gutters need to be installed at a 0.5 inch slope for every ten feet toward a downspout to be effective. The gutters should be pitched down from the middle towards a downspout at each end. On top of, it’s important the installer pays attention to where the downspouts are placed. If the downspouts aren’t placed properly, you could be dispersing rainwater in an area where the water can cause massive soil erosion or other issues.

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