Why Installation Is Just As Important As The Gutters

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Why Installation Is Just As Important As The Gutters

Most people cannot discern a drop of only a quarter inch per ten feet. Yet that is the correct slope of a gutter if you want it to function properly and drain the runoff from your roof. When you contract with a local company for new gutters on your San Antonio home, you need to make certain you get flawless installation, too.

Installation Is All-Important

Knowing the correct slope of a new gutter is only one small aspect of correct installation. Suppose your San Antonio house has a long backside that requires some 50 feet of gutter — did you know the new gutters should slope in two directions, to downspouts at each corner? If your roof expanse is especially large or steep, you may need larger gutters than the standard 5-inch Ogee typically used on homes. What if your fascia boards are rotted? Should new gutters just be installed over them?


Selecting a gutter is important — you need the right style, thickness, and color to match your home — but selecting the right installer is important, too. Choose a local contractor with deep ties to the community. That way, should you have an issue with the installation after the crews leave, you have someone to call.

Such callbacks are rare but can occur if, after a San Antonio downpour, you notice some part of your new gutters not draining correctly. A company that does not have a local address may not be available at all, while a local provider like Quality Gutter Systems can respond quickly.


Some local companies, such as big-box home improvement stores, advertise that they install gutters. They also install siding, roofing, windows and landscaping pavers. You could probably talk them into installing a toilet if you asked them. Such jacks-of-all-trades have no problem-solving skills if they encounter unusual installations or challenging job sites.

Contrast that with the highly trained crews of a company working exclusively at installing gutters. They know what to do with difficult situations. They have ready answers to any issue.

If you live in the San Antonio area, please consider contacting Quality Gutter Systems today to learn how our expert installers can make the difference between good, new gutters, and exceptional new gutters. We would be happy to come to your home and take a look at the current condition of your gutters, then make a recommendation for repair or replacement.