How To Stay Safe When You Clean Out Gutters

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Few people will ever admit that they like to clean out gutters. The reason? No one likes to do it. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary task that needs to be done at least twice a year. Not only does it help maintain the visual appeal of your home, but keeping standing water & yucky debris from your home helps keep its structural integrity intact.

So, yes, cleaning out your gutters is a thing you should plan on doing at some point. That said, it’s important that if you’re going to do it yourself, you should take all of the necessary precautions. The last thing you want to do is bungle the whole thing up & wind up in the emergency room.

If you’ve got gutter cleaning in your near future, here are a few steps to take so that you do things safely:

Protect Your Hands & Eyes

Be sure to wear protective eyewear, gloves, and even a mask. You may not realize it, but gunk & water in your gutters can actually harbor nasty bacteria from droppings that come from all kinds of critters. Also, depending on the health of your gutters, you may have jagged flashing & other sharp edges capable of causing a deep cut. 

Use A Good Ladder

Even if you’re cleaning gutters on a one-story home, you’re up in the air about ten feet. Don’t trust your physical well-being to a ladder being held together with hope & a prayer. Make sure your ladder is sturdy & that all parts (moving & non-moving) are in good condition with everything securely tightened. If possible, have someone spot you on the ground.

Rubber Soles Are Your Friend

No matter how sure you are about your footing, don’t get up on a ladder wearing flip-flops or other inappropriate footwear. Use rubber soles so that you can maintain a secure, stable footing while going up & down a ladder.

Watch Out for Obstructions

Obstructions to your gutter cleaning can be anything from tree limbs that are in the way to low-hanging power lines. Trying to get around either of these can result in poor ladder technique and/or serious injury. 

Consider Hiring A Pro

Perhaps the safest way to clean out gutters yourself is to NOT do it at all. If your property doesn’t result in a ton of debris getting into your gutters, you may only need to clean them out twice a year. For such infrequency, having a professional gutter cleaning service come handle things is totally worth it. They have the know-how, expertise, and all of the right tools to do the job right.

No one likes to clean out gutters, let alone multiple times a year. If you think that you’ve reached the end of your rope with this chore, it might be time to consider a gutter protection of some kind. Installing a quality leaf screen system or upgrading your gutters altogether might make cleaning a thing of the past. More importantly, without the need to get up on a ladder & do such dangerous work, you run less risk of causing serious personal injury or worse.

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