How To Know If A Seamless Gutter Is Right For Your Home

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Drive around, and you’ll start to notice one thing — just about every home you see has some type of gutter system on it. What’s a little tougher to see, though, is whether or not the gutters they’re working with have seams or are what is known as a seamless gutter. As the name implies, this is a type of gutter system in which almost no seams exist in the system, lending itself to a very sleek look.

While it can be a little tough to place seamless gutter on a particular timeline, they seem to have come to prominence as a game-changer sometime in the mid-20th century. This happens to coincide with the major boom of home building & the rise of American suburban growth after World War II. All this is to say that the innovation that is seamless gutters isn’t necessarily new, though its impact was certain big even from the start.

History lessons aside, however, the bigger question comes to mind — are seamless gutters a good option for your home? Truth be told, there is no easy answer. As with most things related to home improvement, there are a number of factors to consider, the likes of which will vary from home to home. That said, there are some things that seamless gutters bring to the table unlike the seamed brethren. For example:

Custom Work

Seamless gutters systems are custom made for your home or business. Ultimately, this is why the initial investment in them is much higher than other systems. However, because of the customization that can be had, there’s a wide array of design options available to customers so as to create a system best suited for the home or office in which it will be installed.

Much Lower Maintenance

Few people out there will pipe up & declare their love for cleaning out gutters. Seams in more common gutters tend to be places where debris can get caught, leading to possible clogs & overall nastiness that could hinder the effectiveness of the system. Since seamless gutters have few seams at all, maintenance is a breeze.

Longer Lasting

Durability & protection against the elements allows home and business owners to have a little peace of mind when it comes to the protection of their property. Seamless gutters come in different types of metals able to handle all types of weather & corrosion, with the only weak point being poor installation.

Curb Appeal

The best way to put it is the simplest: seamless gutters look great. They give homes & businesses a modern, sleeker, more updated feel. Not only is the look great, they do their job well & for a long time. This is promising for folks looking to add value to a property going on the market. Sellers are looking to show they’ve put in some top-tier valuable equity that future homeowners will appreciate.

Reduction In “Fail Points”

It’s important to give context to the term ‘fail’. This has to do more with a part being unable to do its job when it was needed, functionality being upended due to an exterior force, or a combination of the two. In the case of gutter systems with seams, the more seams there are, the more places one could deem “points of potential failure”.

If you’re still a bit confused about whether a seamless gutter is right for your home, don’t worry. Just about everyone who has gone through the process has been there as well. The good thing is that there is a solution — get some professional help. Touching base with a local, dependable, and highly experienced gutter installation company can give you some more perspective on what other pros & cons seamless gutters you hadn’t considered. Considering how important a decision like this can be, some pro input is a good way to go. 

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