How to Keep Water Runoff from Ruining Your Lawn

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Everything is bigger in Texas. When it comes to storms, this saying is especially true. When gutter systems are improperly fitted or sized for a home, it can lead to flooding.  In most cases, flooding will ruin landscaping and can cause potential problems with the foundation of your home. Fortunately, there are solutions that will protect your lawn from water runoff and keep your yard looking great.

Divert the Flow

The easiest way to tackle minor flooding from rain is not to look for new gutter types, but to install an extension to your existing system.

A flexible drain pipe extension is readily available at your local home hardware store, and does not require much in the way of skill or tools to install. Simply determine which direction you want the water to go and how far you want it away from your house. A good rule of thumb is to add three to four feet to downspouts in problematic areas, such as near a walkway, courtyard or close to the foundation of your home.

Once you install the new piece, run some water through it with a hose to ensure the seal is tight and the spout is not leaking.

Control the Flow

Rainwater does the most damage when it runs uncontrolled from your gutter to the ground.

Downspouts come standard with most professionally installed gutter systems – but rain chains are another option with a little more aesthetic flair. A rain chain is a series of decorative cups or bells that serve a practical purpose. As the rainwater moves falls from the gutter on the roof, it trickles through the elements of the chain. This limits the amount of rainwater hitting the ground to a small, steady stream, and prevents water damage and flooding.

Collecting Rainwater

The inclusion of a small reservoir underneath a rain chain or downspout gives you the freedom to either:

  1. Collect the water to use as a beautiful water fixture for your yard.
  2. Store the water until you need to use it to water your garden or lawn.

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