How To Determine The Average Cost Of Gutters In Your Area

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Answer the following question: how do you find numbers in your area about the average cost gutters will set you back? If you don’t have a readily available answer, don’t worry. You’re not alone, though one inevitably has to ask a follow-up question — should I know the average cost of gutters in neck of the woods?

Recent figures have noted that over time, more of us are spending the majority of our time inside our homes. This could be an explanation as to why much of the once routine home upkeep has faltered as of late. Landscaping isn’t as pristine as it once was, and exterior paint could use some touching up.

But how are gutters holding up? It’s no secret that recent weather patterns have been a little, well, all over the place. Record temperatures, both hot & cold, as well as record precipitation has wreaked havoc on homes across the country. Our gutters are exposed to all of this day after day. So, as one could imagine, the wear & year they experience is going to be significant.

Suppose one day, you go out check on them and realize that it’s time to replace them. Sure, some areas aren’t too bad for wear, but overall, they are faded, drooping, leaking, and just not in great shape. But how much does it cost to replace gutters? The DIYer in many of us might take a quick trip to the local home improvement store, buy basic materials at the lowest price, and take on the task ourselves. Even if the investment was a little more than we’d like to pay for anything, we KNOW that it certainly beat a professional install job.

But did it?

If you’re finding yourself curious about gutter replacement cost in your area, then it might please you to know that you can actually do some basic homework to find the info you want. Your source? Yep, you guessed it — the interwebs.

The curious among us can use online tools like free gutter calculators. They come in many forms but ultimately do the same thing: you punch in linear feet, as well as number of downspouts & floors of your home. What you get is a pretty good idea of what you’ll be looking at cost-wise. You can also do a basic yet very direct search under your zip code & gutter replacement to get estimates on the work based on previous customers’ input.

But as much insight as these online options provide, you’re still not getting a complete picture regarding the cost of gutter replacement. Other details that need to be looked over include:

  • types of materials (e.g., vinyl, aluminum, copper)
  • labor cost (can vary greatly depending on your area)
  • deciding between repair or replacement


One other factor worth thinking about regarding average cost of gutters is the adverse costs your home is experiencing over time. Even if you’re not a gutter contractor, you can tell when something isn’t right. It’s also likely that you will kick the can a bit down the line because you’ve decided that things aren’t that bad. But the longer your ‘meh’ gutters are in place, the more damage your home’s exterior, landscaping, and foundation will experience. The cost to correct these issues is pretty steep & when added to the cost of FINALLY replacing your gutters, you’re looking at a big bill. 

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