How to Best Prepare Your Building for Gutter Installation

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How to Best Prepare Your Building for Gutter Installation

Gutters and downspouts are usually the last items installed in a new home. The rain and debris collection system diverts water off of the roof through a downspout onto a pad on the ground. A new rain gutter system in an older home will improve its value while providing better water runoff.

Installing a new gutter system is a job for professionals. Many people try to install replacement gutters themselves and find it is difficult and potentially dangerous since you have to work from a ladder. Professional gutter installers, including Quality Gutter Systems, have all of the necessary safety equipment along with the knowledge and training to do the job. They provide the scaffolding and ladders needed for safe installation.


Preparing to install a new gutter system on an older building involves removing the old gutters that are coming loose. The gutters may be heavy and difficult to carry down a ladder. This is another reason to use a trained installer with safety equipment.

The old metal must be carefully removed to avoid damaging the fascia with tears. The fascia should be repainted before the new gutter and drain system are installed.

This is a good time for the installer to check for wood rot in the fascia and soffit, loose shingles and tears in the eaves of the roof. The flashing that helps water runoff should also be inspected. All painting of your home’s exterior should be completed before you have the new gutter system and drains installed. Professional installers are careful not to harm your exterior walls.

Gutter types

Newer straight face six-inch gutter systems are seamless and they are available in a variety of colors to complement your architecture. The products are aluminum, copper or Galvalume.
The rounded OGEE gutter system is also seamless and available in many colors. The SnapLock Gutter System works with all types of gutters to hold them in place and protect the fascia board.

Decorative rain chains may be used in place of a downspout to carry water to the ground. Leaf screens, including the E-Z Step Down system, keep 99% of the debris out of the gutter, allowing water to flow freely into the downspouts or rain chains.

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