How To Ban Water From Seeping Into Your Foundation

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How To Ban Water From Seeping Into Your Foundation

When heavy rainfall occurs, the last thing you want to deal with is a leak of any kind. However, one of the worst leaks you can experience is a leak in the basement. It often means water is collecting directly outside and leaking through the foundation and into your home. This can be a serious problem for several reasons. First of all, flooding can occur in your basement, leading to serious water damage. Secondly, exposure to water can damage your foundation, rendering your home unsafe. This can be very expensive to fix.

So how exactly can you prevent water from seeping into your foundation? The first thing you’ll need to know is how this happens in the first place.

What causes water to leak through your foundation?

When it comes to residential homes, most roofs are sloped. This is to ensure that water doesn’t collect on the roof, where it will weaken the roof’s structure. It would then eventually leak through the roof and into your home. The slope of the roof allows rainwater to run off your roof. Unfortunately, this rainwater will just drop right off the edge and onto the ground below.

While making sure your property doesn’t slope down towards your foundation will certainly help prevent water from collecting near it, you need to do something about the rainwater falling directly off the roof. This is where your gutter system comes into play.

Arguably the main objective of a gutter system is to collect the water running down your roof. This water runs through the gutter system and is dispersed through the system’s downspouts, which are located in areas where the dispersing water will not cause any issues…away from your foundation. Without a gutter system, rainwater would be much more likely to reach your foundation and to leak through it, causing massive damage.

However, your gutter system may not always be able to protect your foundation from exposure to water. If water is collecting near your foundation, it could be the result of one of the following issues:

  • Your gutters are leaking – Leaks can spring up throughout your gutter system due to all kinds of potential problems. Traditional gutters are installed in sections and are attached to the home using nails or screws. As the years go by, they will experience natural wear and tear. This can result in leaks developing in the seams between gutter sections or around the holes through which they are nailed or screwed in. Damage caused by flying debris can also cause holes or cracks through which rainwater can leak through.
  • Your gutters are separated – Age can also cause the screws and nails to loosen in your gutter system, causing the gutters to pull away from the roof. When this happens, the rainwater will fall down from the roof through the gap between the roof and the gutters.
  • Your gutters are clogged – Traditional gutters are exposed to the elements, which means that all kinds of debris will eventually collect inside, from leaves and branches to dirt and more. If the gutters aren’t routinely cleaned out, clogs will form. When clogs form, the water collects in the gutters and has nowhere to go. The water will build up and overflow. In some cases, the weight of the water may even cause the gutters to separate from the roof, causing yet another issue that can result in the water reaching your foundation.
  • Your downspouts are improperly installed – If the downspouts weren’t installed properly, they may be dispersing water in an area where it can easily run down towards your foundation.

How can you prevent water from leaking through your foundation?

The best way to prevent water from collecting near your foundation is to invest in your gutters. Here at Quality Gutter Systems, we offer several seamless gutter solutions to help prevent rainwater from damaging your foundation. These include the following:

  • SnapLock Gutters – Our SnapLock Gutter system “snaps” into place, which means there are no holes through which nails or screws attach the gutters. This eliminates a potential source of leaks. It also prevents the gutters from separating from your roof. Not to mention they are seamless, which means they are completely watertight.
  • Leaf Protection – We install Micro-Mesh Leaf Protection as well as Leaf Screens. Both of these solutions help eliminate the need for gutter cleanings and will prevent debris from collecting in your gutters, thereby preventing clogs from forming and causing all kinds of potential issues.

Keep your home’s foundation safe from water damage by investing in your gutter system. For information about our seamless gutter solutions, be sure to contact us at Quality Gutter Systems today.