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Rain gutters often fail – and for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for gutter failure arises from their installation method. Typical rain gutters are attached to the fascia with spikes, screws or nails along the back of the trough. The penetration points weaken the waterproof barrier of the material, leaving an outlet for leaking and deterioration.

Leaks in the gutters turn quickly into wood rot along the roof line, shortening the life of your fascia and your gutters. It can lead to high repair costs. Fortunately, there is a solution: the Snap Lock Gutter system.

snap lock gutter diagramWhat is SnapLock?

This gutter system does not use any fasteners through the gutter itself. A hanging strip is installed under the drip edge of the roofline, with hangers that snap onto this strip. The gutter is then snapped securely into place and held up by the hangers.

This fastening system keeps the gutter itself completely intact. Since the strip is installed under the drip line of the roof, this helps prevent any water penetration behind it. The hangers hold the gutter secure, while allowing it to flex when the weather starts to change. This helps prevent expansion problems between the wood and the metal of the gutter.

Other benefits of the SnapLock system include:

  • Long lasting. Because the system’s design prevents almost all water penetration into the wood below, these gutters will last longer than a typical installation. That means less repairs and a better looking home.
  • Works with most gutter sizes. It does not matter what size gutters you already have installed. This gutter system will replicate its looks without repeating the problems of the old system.
  • Fits along just about any roofline. Unusual rooflines can be difficult to fit with gutters. Fortunately, Snap Lock can work with nearly every fascia-soffit combination.

If you are interested in learning more about how the long-lasting Snap Lock gutter system can suit your home, contact our team at Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne.

Is Snap Lock Right for You?