How Often Should You Clean The Gutters?

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No doubt the challenges of the last 12-14 months have main all of us keenly aware of things we’ve needed to address in our homes for some time. Among the list of chores we probably should have tackled was having to clean the gutters. It’s one of the more thankless, grimy, and altogether less pleasant experiences the casual homeowner will have to deal with from time to time.

That’s just it, though. Exactly what constitutes ‘time to time’? In other words, how often should you clean your gutters? It stands to reason there would be some kind of guidance on the matter. It’s recommended to change out HVAC filters every 30-90 days. Oil changes in our cars should be every 3,000 miles. Even regular haircuts tend to come around every six weeks or so.

Getting To The Task At Hand

But cleaning the gutters isn’t fun. What’s more, it can actually be dangerous given the height at which you’re operating & the amount of teetering you’re doing on relatively small ladder rungs. Still, keeping your gutters operating at the best ensures excess water is being directed away from your home. If you think that the water that your gutters channels away isn’t a destructive force, do a little interwebs sleuthing. You’ll want to be sure your gutters are in tip-top shape!

Of course, this starts with the whole cleaning process. According to a score of gutter contractors & home improvement experts, the regularity of your gutter cleaning should take place twice a year, usually in the spring & fall. Think of it like a dentist appointment for your home. However, this is just a suggested schedule. How often you’ll NEED to clean gutters depends on a number things.

Assess Your Foliage

Do you have a lot of trees near your home? What type of trees? Do they shed regularly or every so often? What kind of debris is shed? Once upon a time when you were first shopping for a new home, you were enamored by a property brimming with all kinds of shade trees keeping your home cooler & giving you tons of curb appeal. Now, all of these trees are gonna keep you up on a ladder way more than you thought.


Is heavy rainfall an issue in your area? How about more problematic weather like hail or heavy snowfalls? Do you deal with high incidents of straight-line winds or downbursts during storms? As storm severity goes up, so, too, do the chances of more debris being caught in your gutters.

Probably the biggest question any homeowner has to answer is whether they want to clean the gutters themselves at all. In other words, maybe it’s a job best left to the professionals. Sure, there is a certain DIY satisfaction that comes with knocking outing major home upkeep project. Still, if you’re haphazardly staying on top of gutter maintenance AND dragging yourself up a ladder to do at all, do you trust you’ll do a proper job? At the very least, hiring a gutter contractor to provide periodic maintenance ensures the job is being done right, plus they can inspect your gutters for any issues that need to be addressed.

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